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Current Continuity

For specific groups of Freedom Fighters, see Freedom Fighters (disambiguation).
Freedom Fighters Current

The Knothole Freedom Fighters, the most well-known Freedom Fighter group

The Freedom Fighters are a series of resistance groups created to oppose the tyranny of the Eggman Empire.

Known Groups



Freedom Fighter groups typically act as individual cells, though they have sometimes worked together on missions. It has been rare for any group to have more than a dozen members. Typically, they prefer to use espionage, sabotage and guerrilla warfare. However, the Knothole Freedom Fighters in particular have been known to stage frontal assaults periodically, and have at times enlisted other Freedom Fighter groups in such action as well.

Background Information

  • The new reality saw the return of the Knothole Freedom Fighters, with the existence of the Wolf Pack being implied by a mention of Lupe. At least one of the former Mercia Freedom Fighters also returned as a member of the new Avalon Freedom Fighters.
  • Some of the Freedom Fighter groups in the new timeline seem to go under specific names other than just "[area] Freedom Fighters".

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