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Ixis Vale

Ixis Vale, the only known member of the Four Elite.

The Four Elite were top-ranking members of the Order of Ixis, second only to Mammoth Mogul himself. After fighting the Albion Knights of Aurora in the Forgotten War, the group was apparently disbanded, with at least one of them-Ixis Vale-receiving burial in a tomb in Soumerca. (SU: #41, #43)

Background Information

  • Mogul's choice of four lieutenants to serve directly under him as the Four Elite is reminiscent of his later group of top minions, the Fearsome Foursome.
  • It was theorized by fans that the three remaining elite members were Agunus, Nusgau and Suguna. However, this theory has been debunked by Ian Flynn on his forum.[1]

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