Fort Acorn

Fort Acorn with the Mes Braves Battalion fighting to defend it and Robotropolis.

Fort Acorn was a Acorn Army stronghold located just outside of Robotropolis. It was created after the city had been destroyed by a Station Square nuclear strike in order to protect the dome shield which contained the harmful radiation from the nukes. The Fort contained the Mes Braves Battalion , which was commanded by the infamous general Armand D'Coolette. Fort Acorn became a battle ground following Sonic the Hedgehog's return from a year in outer space, as Dr. Eggman launched an armada of SWATbots to bring down the dome shield, in order to allow the radiation to spread. His SWATbot horde was ultimately destroyed however by the combined might of the Mes Braves Battalion, the Chaotix, G.U.N. agents and Amy Rose. (StH: #110, #131, #132, #133)

With the creation of New Mobotropolis, the dome around Robotropolis was modified, creating a land line to the new city that allowed it to process the radiation for power. The Iron King set out to destroy the protective dome; this threatened both New Mobotropolis and the environment. Thus the soldiers of Fort Acorn, now led by Amadeus Prower, attempted to defend the region; however, despite their fervent efforts, the nearly-invincible Iron King shrugged off their attacks and destroyed the majority of the fort. Commander Prower and the injured soldiers were evacuated to New Mobotropolis. Despite the fort having fallen, Sonic and Monkey Khan were able to trick the Iron King into leaving the dome intact. (StH: #207)

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