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Fly Fly Freddy

Fly Fly Freddy

Fly Fly Freddy was a member of Sir Charles Hedgehog' spy network in Robotropolis. Freddy worked behind the scenes of the networks plans. It's not known for sure if Freddy knew about Sleuth Dog's defection to Dr. Ivo Robotnik, but it is known that it was Slueth who handed over the members of the spy network including Freddy to Robotnik and fed into the roboticizer. Freddy was last seen after King Acorn was plucked from the Zone of Silence when Slueth revealed himself to be a traitor. He attacked Sonic at the original Lake of Rings, but was scrapped by Knuckles the Echidna at the last minute.


Working for the Spy Network

After Sir Charles Hedgehog retained his free will he gathered Fly Fly Freddy and other mobians and formed the Spy Network. He went into Robotropolis with the other members and spyed on Robotinik and report it back to the Knothole Freedom Fighters. He later helped Sonic and Sally's trainees to save the rest of the Freedom Fighters when they were ambushed by Combots. (StH: #38)


During one of his mission's he was betrayed by Sleuth "Doggy" Dawg and Roboticized. After that he attacked the Freedom Fighters and nearly did Sonic in until being ambushed by Knuckles while Sonic destroyed him and arrested Slueth. (StH: #42)

Background Information

  • Fly Fly Freddy's name may be based off the name of the stage musical "Bye Bye Birdie".
  • Ian Flynn said all attempts to rebuild him failed, meaning he is dead.

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