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Sonic and Robotnik in the Flicky Zone.

The Flicky Zone is a zone that can be accessed via a giant ring on Flicky Island. Dr. Robotnik dueled Sonic the Hedgehog inside the zone with the use of his Techno Bodyshell Battlesuit in order to obtain the Chaos Emerald there. Though Robotnik located the emerald, removing it from the head of a giant Flicky statue activated a booby-trap. The statue came to life and uttered a roar which caused the zone to collapse and nearly trapped the doctor inside when his hand got caught in the closing doorway as he refused to let go of the emerald. A Flicky inside bit his hand (presumably eating the emerald) forcing him to let go and allow the doorway to the zone to close with all, but a few Flickies safely inside. (SBS)

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