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Feist's challenges are trials made by the Special Zone's master Feist to see if a person if worthy of gaining a Chaos Emerald. As Feist is essentially a god within the zone, he can bring to life any obstacle by will alone. In order to make sure the emeralds did not fall into unworthy hands, Feist created challenges so that only those who succeeded could gain an emerald, which served not only to keep the emeralds safe, but to entertain him as well. His challenges are often extremely difficult, often requiring those attempting them to display extreme skill and ability; additionally, Feist is not above manipulating or altering aspects of the challenge without warning. (StH: #169, #170, #219 SU: #4)

Known Challenges

  • Obstacle Course (Red Emerald): The obstacle course over varied terrain, including clouds, floating mines, a wooden bridge over lava, and a twisting pathway.
  • Cuboid Maze (Red Emerald): A cube-shaped maze with multiple entrances and pathways within. The central chamber is lined with spikes, and Feist may tilt or spin the cube at his whim. As an extra challenge, should the challenger make it to the center, they may find the Emerald hidden beyond a barrier of gems.
  • Race (Purple & Blue Emerald's): A curved tube pathway littered with mines. The objective is to simply reach the Chaos Emerald at its end.

Background Information

  • All the challenges Feist makes are based on Special Stages from the early Sonic the Hedgehog games; the obstacle course is from Sonic 3D, while the maze is inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog. The race appears to take its concept from Sonic the Hedgehog 2.
  • There have been two exceptions to the standard challenge:
    • Sonic and Tails were simply given an emerald by Feist in gratitude, though he explained this would not happen again. (StH: #170)
    • Team Dark attempted to gain an emerald and failed their challenges twice; not pleased with Feist's rules or mockery, they elected to instead launch a sudden attack and steal the emerald they had not been able to earn, escaping via Chaos Control. (SU: #4)

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