F.O.E. Inhibitors capture Al & Cal.

F.O.E. (Field Of Effect) Inhibitors are a type of specialized restraint weapon utilized by the Zone Cops. They appear as a single-shot, shoulder-mounted launcher that fires a missile which then deploys an energy field. This field works in conjunction with numerous other F. O. E. units to create even larger energy fields or shackles for the purpose of subduing targets of large size or number by neutralizing their powers and rendering them immobile. Those subjected to F.O.E. restraint supposedly feel significant pain. They are supplied to the No Zone's Zone Jail for riot control. F.O.E. units were put into use during the Destructix's prison break in order to stop the rampaging Verti-Cal and Horizont-Al when their Control Collars were broken, and they were reverted back to their imp-like forms. Warden Zobotnik then had F.O.E. inhibitors target Scourge when he abandoned Al & Cal, but he and the Destructix managed to escape through a Warp Ring just as the energy field deployed. (SU: #32)

Background Information

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