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The Evolvanoids were an intended line of techno-organic robots capable of learning, thinking, and adapting to new situations, created by Dr. Ivo Robotnik. The first and only known Evolvanoid was E.V.E., who was created by combining near-indestructible sub-microscopic components with DNA from Robotnik himself and his nemesis, Sonic the Hedgehog, the latter of which Robotnik intended to grant E.V.E his intelligence, craftiness, and superiority, as well as Sonic's resourcefulness.

E.V.E. attacked Sonic numerous times, each time being defeated only to come back stronger and more prepared. Upon her fourth transformation, E.V.E., having actually gained logic and free will from Sonic's DNA, turned on Robotnik and apparently vaporized him, though in reality she actually teleported him to another zone where he met an alternate version of himself. Sonic managed to reason with E.V.E. and convinced her to overcome her programming and choose her own path. (StH: #21)

After his return to Mobius Prime, Robotnik abandoned the Evolvanoid project.