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Evan Stanley is a reoccurring artist for the Archie Sonic titles.

Her work first appeared as a bonus pin-up in Sonic Free Comic Book Day 2011, before drawing and colouring her first story in StH#231.


Archie Sonic the Hedgehog

  • #231: "Haunted" - Pencils, Inks, Colors
  • #233: "From the Shadows" - Pencils, Inks, Colors
  • #238: "Foundation Work" - Pencils
  • #247: Full Issue - Pencils
  • #252: Full Issue - Pencils
  • #257: Full Issue - Pencils
  • #258: Full Issue - Pencils
  • #259: Full Issue - Pencils
  • #260: Variant Cover (Pencils, Inks, et al) and "The Light in the Dark: Part 1" (pencils)
  • #261: "The Light in the Dark: Part 2" (pencils)
  • #263: Variant Cover
  • #263: Cover
  • #266: Cover
  • #267: Pages 16-20 - Pencils
  • #268: Cover
  • #272: Pages 11-20 - Pencils
  • #277: "Hidden Costs: Part 1" (pencils)
  • #278"Hidden Costs: Part 2" (pencils)
  • #279"Hidden Costs: Part 3" (pencils)

Sonic Universe

  • #75: Variant Cover 7 (Pencils)
  • #79: Cover (Pencils, Inks, et al)
  • #79 - #82: Full Issues - Writer

Sonic Boom

  • #1: Variant Cover; Full Issue (pencils)
  • #2: Full Issue (pencils)

Free Comic Specials

Background Information

  • Evan Stanley first gained recognition in the fan community for her Sonic webcomic "Ghosts of the Future", which she continues to update to this day.
  • Evan notably penciled not only the final issue in the comics' original continuity, but also the first issue in the rebooted continuity.
  • Evan Stanley made a cameo appearance in an episode of Atop The 4th Wall, pointing out Linkara's cameo appearance in Issue 257 then asking him to review a comic, which he chooses the Sonic/Image Crossover issue.
  • Evan Stanley has written a couple of episodes for the second season of the Sonic Boom cartoon show.

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