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"Avalon Egg Army" redirects here; for other chapters of the Dark Egg Legion, see Dark Egg Legion (disambiguation). For Eggman's cyborg forces based in the same region in the Pre-Super Genesis Wave Timeline, see Eurish Dark Egg Legion. For other units of the Egg Army, see Egg Army (disambiguation).
Avalon Egg Army Base

The Eurish Egg Army Base seen from above.

The Eurish Egg Army is a unit of the Eggman Empire's Egg Army based in Eurish and led by Mordred Hood from his base in Avalon. It is opposed by the Avalon Freedom Fighters under Bow Sparrow, and has also had altercations with G.U.N.


Shattered World

Avalon Egg Army

Lord Hood's Egg Army.

In the wake of the Super Genesis Wave, Eggman found the Eurish Egg Army fending off an attack by G.U.N. troops deployed from a nearby aircraft carrier. A frazzled Hood tries to explain to his master that they've been tied up in the conflict for months with Bow Sparrow and his group and the G.U.N. forces took them by surprise. Eggman tells Hood to stop with the excuses and handles the G.U.N. troops himself. (StH: (#254)

Known members


  • Artillery: The Eurish Egg Army's base is equipped with surface-to-air defenses, as seen by their efforts to fight off G.U.N. fighter planes and during their accidental attempt to shoot down Dr. Eggman.


Avalon Egg Army Base Close Up

Eggman's modified Egg Mobile departs the Avalon base.

The Eurish Egg Army's base is a walled enclosure that-when seen from above-looks like Eggman's face.

Background Information

  • The Mercia Dark Egg Legion is one of the few chapters not known to have been previously introduced or had members introduced prior to its appearance as a Legion chapter.
  • The Mercia Dark Egg Legion, along with the Nerb Dark Egg Legion, was one of the only chapters to have almost completely conquered and maintained control of its respective territory. However, both faced resistance in the form of local Freedom Fighter groups.
  • In its initial appearance in SU #37, the Mercian Legionnaire depicted wore the traditional red and black hood traditionally associated with the Dark Egg Legion. In their second appearance in SU #46, they were first drawn with their hoods (albeit with their faces uncovered), and later in the issue their hoods disappeared entirely. This is almost certainly due to the Ken Penders case, which saw the removal of the original Albion Dark Egg Legion chapter which was the source of the normal Dark Egg Legion attire. This affected the Great Desert Dark Egg Legion as well, which was also later depicted without hoods despite wearing them in their first appearance. Later, of course, this Legion and the others were either removed from the series or changed into Egg Army units, undoubtedly due to the Ken Penders case as well.


The Eurish Egg Army wears armor suits that resemble Lord Hood himself.

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