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Emerl is a robot from the Sonic X Zone. It spent its first appearances stalking Dr. Eggman. It then met and befriending Sonic and his friends, before supposedly being destroyed.


Background Information

  • Emerl originates from the Gameboy Advance game Sonic Battle, which was the only game it appeared in before being destroyed. It was later referenced in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, where it was revealed to be one of the Gizoids created by the Nocturnus Clan. Whether this fact remains true for the Prime Zone versions of the Gizoids-or for the Sonic X version of Emerl-is unknown.
    • Emerls role in the Sonic X anime differed significantly from his role in the game, where his origin was never explained (however his game origin is hinted at in the comic, where it's implied he had some kind of connection to Professor Gerald Robotnik)
  • In Sonic X #15, it is implied that Emerl was destroyed. This is in reference to his demise in the anime, where a Chaos Emerald caused him to lose control and battle Sonic and his friends, and as a result ended up being forced to be destroyed by Cream and Cheese.
  • According to Ian Flynn, Emerl is one of several characters that Sega requested not to be used in the main comic universe, meaning that the chances of a Prime Zone version of Emerl ever being introduced are unlikely. However despite this, Gemerl, the rebuilt version of Emerl, appears in the Post-Super Genesis Wave version of the Prime Zone.

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