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The Eldritch Rites are a series of incantations developed by Mammoth Mogul and used by the Order of Ixis, and are presumably included in the Ixis Magicks. Conceived during the Forgotten War between the Order and the Albion Knights of Aurora, they are intended to allow their caster to magically enslave other beings, bending them to the will of the spell's user. While originally intended for use against the Knights of Aurora in order to end the devastation being wreaked on Mobius by the conflict, the technique was later attempted by Ixis Naugus with another target. By enhancing his powers using a Ritual Chamber and the bones of the late Ixis Vale, Naugus intended to enslave the Council of Acorn and possibly the entire city of New Mobotropolis. His hopes were that he would be able to use the city's populace as the foundation of a new Order, bringing about the Ixis Resurgence. His plans were thwarted, however, by the actions of the Secret Freedom Fighters, who interrupted his casting with an attack that brought about the destruction of both the Ritual Chamber and Vale's bones. (SU: #43, #44)

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