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Dr. Robotnik wearing his Eggs-O-Skeleton battle armor

The Eggs-O-Skeleton battle suit was a personal body armor built and used by Dr. Ivo Robotnik. Its design was based off the facade of the Death Egg. The suit's bio-systems were psionically linked to the Death Egg's systems, making it extremely powerful as the airship was being fueled by Power Rings obtained from the Power Ring Grotto. The armor multiplied Dr. Robotnik's strength many times over and granted him flight via jet boosters in the soles of his boots. Despite this he found himself evenly matched when facing off against Sonic the Hedgehog who was controlling Silver Sonic from inside the robot. Robotnik lost the fight when Sonic flung him off the Death Egg right before its self-destruct, essentially ruining the battle armor. Despite both combatants using enhancements, this marked the first time Dr. Robotnik and Sonic personally fought each other. (SQM: #3)

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