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For the two wars against the same individual that occurred in the Pre-Super Genesis Wave Timeline, see First Robotnik War and Second Robotnik War

Eggman War

Before StH#252


Currently ongoing.


Sonic's World

  • Mobotropolis taken over (later taken back)
  • Egg Army bases built in different locations across the planet



Egg Bosses


Kingdom of Acorn Leaders

United Federation Leaders

Army Commanders

Meropis Leaders

Freedom Fighter Leaders

  • Thousands of robots

The Eggman War is the conflict between the Eggman Empire and the various alleys of the Kingdom of Acorn, the United Federation and others.


Prelude, Coup, and Rebellion

Years ago, Dr. Robotnik and Dr. Julian Snively, two former G.U.N. scientists with plans for world domination, arrived in the Kingdom of Acorn and allied themselves with the corrupt court wizard Walter Naugus, making a deal that Naugus would rule the Acorn Archipelago and Robotnik would mine them for resources. Robotnik and Snively then falsely informed King Acorn that the United Federation intended to invade the kingdom, claiming that they were marked for death for opposing the plan and came to offer their services. The monarch believed them and gave Robotnik complete access to the royal lands and resources. Under the guidance of Robotnik, Snively and Naugus, the Kingdom of Acorn began making preparations for war against the United Federation. It was also around this time that Robotnik met Professor Charles the Hedgehog, the creator of roboticization. Although the process had been created for medical purposes, Robotnik discovered it could be used to turn Mobians into obedient robot slaves. (SSD: #9, #12; SU: #84)

With the authority granted to the by the king, Robotnik and Snively created an army of robots that would later be used in their coup. They would also strip mine South Island for resources and use Westside Island to as a construction yard for the Chemical Plant Zone and the first Death Egg. They also began searching for the seven Chaos Emeralds. Eventually King Acorn caught on to the deception and Naugus grew impatient with their actions, but by this time it was too late as the kingdom was weakened by the Great War while Robotnik's personal forces had grown strong. Robotnik and Snively banished both of them to the Special Zone and sent the Badnik Horde to capture and roboticize the citizens of Mobotropolis. Now in full control of the kingdom, Robotnik began to expand his tyranny across the globe. Meanwhile, the survivors of the attack on Mobotropolis took refuge in Knothole Village. (FCBD: #8; SSD: #8, #12)

However, Robotnik would face major opposition in the form of Sonic the Hedgehog, whose heroic deeds would consistently ruin the doctor's plans and set back his goal of world conquest. Inspired by the young hedgehog, Princess Sally Acorn rallied others to form the Knothole Freedom Fighters to join in the battle against the doctor and his minions. (FCBD: #8)

Later Battles

Over the years the Freedom Fighters fought Robotnik both at home and abroad, helping many people and inspiring Lupe the Wolf and Dulcy the Dragon to form Freedom Fighter groups of their own to fight against the doctor. (StH: #277, #281)

The Knothole Freedom Fighters were eventually able to drive Robotnik out of Mobotropolis and took back their home. Around this time Super Sonic also destroyed the Death Egg and some time later Sonic, Tails and Knuckles prevented Robotnik from gaining the Master Emerald. The Freedom Fighters also freed King Acorn from the Special Zone, however they also freed Naugus, who reunited with his sister Wendy and began to menace both Robotnik and the Freedom Fighters. Additionally, at some point the roboticized Mobians would be returned to normal and the process itself would be made ineffective. After repeated failures, Snively would return to G.U.N., avoiding punishment for his actions by lying and claiming that Robotnik coerced him into helping. (VG: S2, S3, S&K; SSD: #12; SU: #70, #83, #86)

Dr. Robotnik, now calling himself Dr. Eggman, refocused his efforts into his Eggman Empire and set up bases of operation across the planet using his Egg Army. Eggman would enact multiple plans to take over the world such as constructing at least two more Death Eggs, trying to control the monster Chaos, attempting to use the Eclipse Cannon, and trying to take control of the Time Eater among many others. However these plans would always fail thanks to the efforts of Sonic and his friends. Eggman also made enemies of Team Dark, Team Chaotix and his former employers, G.U.N. (VG: SA, SA2, SG)

At some point Eggman activated the first Genesis Wave in order to split the world apart and move it's fragments into pocket dimensions. Sonic and his allies were able to restore reality back to the way it was before but the event also stripped Naugus of most of his powers. (StH: #252, SU: #83)

Worlds Collide

In another reality, Dr. Eggman came into contact with Dr. Wily of Earth 20XX and quickly befriended each other. They created the Skull Egg Zone to meet with each other and create a plan to take over both of their worlds. They constructed the Wily Egg and set off a second Genesis Wave. The result of the new wave was that Mobius was complete reset once again while Earth 20XX was moved forward a few years into the future, allowing Wily to utilize Robot Masters that hadn't been created yet. They also kidnapped a number of Mobians and used them to create the Roboticized Masters. (MM: #24; SU: #51)

Sonic and Mega Man were eventually able to return the Roboticized Masters to normal and defeat the Robot Masters. Despite this, and their own increasing dislike of one another, Eggman and Wily were able to go forward with their plans and set off the Super Genesis Wave, which would allow them to remake reality to their in their image. Sonic and Mega Man were able to enter their super forms and defeat the doctors before the wave took full effect and attempted to use Chaos Control to reverse it. While Super Mega Man was able to return his world to normal, an enraged Eggman attacked Super Sonic and interrupted him. This resulted in the Multiverse collapsing in on itself and Mobius being completely and permanently altered into it's current form. (SU: 54; StH: 251, 256)

Shattered World Crisis

From a readers perspective, this picks up from the where the Second Robotnik War in the Pre-Super Genesis Wave Timeline left off