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Original Continuity

First Appearance

Sonic Super Special #1

Biographical information



Snively Robotnik

Physical description

Overlander/Egg/Dr. Ivo Robotnik

  • Colour: Red, yellow, grey and black
  • Eyes: Black
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Flight
  • Digging

The Eggbot was an egg-based Badnik created by Snively. It appears to be a complete mockery of Dr. Ivo Robotnik, whom Snively considered using the Eggbots against.


First Attack

The Eggbots had been developed in secret by Snively in yet another ill-fated, ill-conceived plot against his uncle. On their first assignment, Snively brought a few to the Budding Circle on the south side of Robotropolis for some excavation. There was a great deal of emphasis in the secrecy of this plot, given what happened with prior would-be coups. Snively's plan was to dig up some leftover seeds from Robotnik's Krudzu fiasco. The plot to poach seeds was sidelined when Snively heard a commotion nearby. Snively ordered the Eggbots to stop any witnesses from reporting to anyone, and they transformed their digging tools into guns. After being discovered by the Knothole Freedom Fighters and a group of SWATbots, this batch of Eggbots was destroyed. (SSS: #1)

Last Battle

Sometime after Robotnik's demise and Snively's arrest, Snively overheard two guards discussing the return of Ixis Naugus. Deciding that this was worth investigating, Snively used a hidden controller in his thumbnail to activate another batch of Eggbots. Sonic, Antoine, and Princess Sally discovered the Eggbots arrival, and saw them using a drilling mech for some unknown purpose. They did not know that these Eggbots had the task of tracking Naugus. Fortunately, these Eggbots were even dumber than the last batch. Not only did they mistake a giant Power Ring for Naugus, but they used a power core that was really a containment cell for another of Robotnik's failures: Monkey Khan. Khan quickly and completely destroyed that batch of Eggbots, but Snively had one last batch to send. Unfortunately, when they arrived, Khan had already run off, kidnapping Sally in the process, leaving Sonic and Antoine to beat the Eggbots alone. Fortunately, Sally set Khan straight, and their combined efforts destroyed the last of the Eggbots. They have not been seen since. (StH: #54, #55)

Background Information

  • The Eggbots were based on the Eggrobo badniks from the Genesis game Sonic and Knuckles, their design based on the game version of Dr. Robotnik and were the only regular badniks to appear in the Sky Sanctuary Zone, when playing as Sonic. When playing as Knuckles, they take the place of Eggman in the boss fights, and are known to do so when playing as Knuckles with Sonic & Knuckles locked on to Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Sonic the Hedgehog 3.
  • An Eggrobo was a hidden racer in the Saturn/PC game Sonic R (known as Eggman Robo), and another was a hidden kart Racer in both versions of Sonic Adventure 2, (Downloadable with his own track in the Dreamcast version, and unlocked as Rouge the Bat's hidden kart racer in the Gamecube version). The only design difference between the game version and the comic version is their weaponry. Though both versions have a great deal of firepower, their aim is awful.
  • Their relation to Egg Pawns is unknown, though their are some similarities in design and versatility, implying that the Eggbots may have been the basis.
  • The Egg Robos appear in Skull Egg Zone on the cover of Archie Mega Man Issue 26, being led by Shadow Man.

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