The Egg Viper is a battle machine created by Dr. Eggman and used to battle Sonic the Hedgehog.


Sonic faced the Egg Viper in battle at Final Egg near Mystic Ruins, defeating it after an intense battle. Realizing that this battle had taken place in the Post Super Genesis Wave Timeline but not the original reality was one of the first indications to him that his memories of the previous timeline were starting to disappear in favor of those of the new one. (SA, StH: #253)

The altered reality created by the second Genesis Wave saw Sonic battle with the Egg Viper, which he mentioned to Mega Man during their adventures through the Skull Egg Zone. (MM: #26)

Background Information

  • The Egg Viper is acknowledged as one of the more difficult bosses in the Sonic video games; Sonic's comments in MM #26 in terms of it being a better opponent to the Snakeys of the Mega Man games is likely an acknowledgement to this.

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