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Biographical information


Physical description
  • Overlander
  • Tritanium alloy
  • Colour: Red/Gray
  • Eyes: Blue
Political Alignment and Abilities

Egg SWATs are the latest line of Badnik foot soldiers created by Dr. Eggman. They appear to be a combination of Swatbot and Egg Pawn, with bulky rounded bodies and the same spiked dome head of the Swatbots and have a paint scheme that matches Dr. Eggman's uniform. They first appeared as soldiers and labourers aboard the Death Egg Mark 2. Subsequently they would be employed as ground troops in attacks on Furville, Feral Forest-where they were joined by Mecha Sally and the rebuilt Silver Sonic v3.0-and New Mobotropolis. Despite being large in stature and equipped with laser weapons, they were defeated in each of these campaigns by the members of Team Fighters, Team Freedom, and the Secret Freedom Fighters. Jetpack-equipped variants built for air combat were deployed against Team Fighters as they pursued the Death Egg in the Tornado, but were quickly defeated, as were later models who were deployed atop Turtloids. (StH: 234, 236, 239, 240, 241, #242; SU: #37)

Background Information

  • Several Egg Swats are seen building the Wily Egg during the, Worlds Collide, story arc, despite the company stating there would be no comic exclusive characters in the crossover.

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