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Egg o' War
Egg o' War
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Approx. 3237 (Pre-SGW Mobius Prime calendar) or 20XX (Earth calendar)

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The Egg o' War (originally known as the Wily Egg) was a flying fortress created by Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily within their own pocket zone, the Skull Egg Zone. It served as their base of operations while they activated the second Genesis Wave using the power of a Chaos Emerald in order to reset their respective worlds and sent the Roboticized Masters to collect the remaining Chaos Emeralds. Following their defeats, the battle station was transported to the Sol Zone, where it was repaired and renamed to its current name.



Wily Egg

The Wily Egg.

The Wily Egg was created a joint project by Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily shortly after the two made contact with each other and formed an alliance. In the new Skull Egg Zone they had created, the evil doctors combined their resources, from Eggman's Egg Swats and Eggman Empire and Wily's Robot Masters and Ra Moon to create a brand new weapon with which to conquer both their dimensions. This resulted in a new flying fortress, which Eggman wanted to call the "Death Egg Mark 3" while Wily preferred "Wily Flying Fortress." Eventually the doctors agreed to call their new fortress the "Wily Egg" as a compromise. (MM: #24)

Second Genesis Wave

The pair then prepared for the next phase of their plan: to rewrite the reality of their home dimensions. Upon activating the Cosmic Reset Button, powered through the use of the blue Chaos Emerald, they sent the second Genesis Wave across both worlds, altering both their realities. The Wily Egg subsequently became their base of operations as their efforts to dominate both their worlds continued, notably serving as the birthplace of the Roboticized Masters. These modified Robians were subsequently dispatched to both worlds in order to collect the remaining Chaos Emeralds for the next phase of the doctors' plan. It was also from the Wily Egg that Eggman and Wily observed the battle between Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog that they had engineered. Bass and Metal Sonic v3.0 were also deployed from the Wily Egg, both on their missions to capture Sonic's friends and abduct Dr. Light from Earth 20XX. (MM: #24, SU: #51, StH: #248)

The heroes soon became aware of the villains' machinations, and entered the Skull Egg Zone in order to thwart them and rescue Dr. Light. Eggman and Wily watched from aboard the Wily Egg as Copy Robot and the Genesis Unit engaged the heroes, and successfully acquired the final Chaos Emerald during the fight. The doctors briefly left to deploy their full remaining force of Roboticized Masters against the heroes, but returned to the Wily Egg to coordinate their troops after Proto Man broke away from the fight to search for Dr. Light. They subsequently learned that the Chaotix Roboticized Masters had been restored to normal, prompting them to redirect the Masters' efforts and start work on their new Egg-Wily Machine X. Eventually, all of the Roboticized Masters would be returned to their organic forms, adding to the ranks of the doctors' enemies. The pair encountered further difficulties due to Rouge the Bat's sabotage, but managed to capture her for Roboticization. With the Wily Egg damaged, the doctors deployed their main line of defense against the heroes: an army of time-cloned Robot Masters. (MM: #25, #26, SU: #52, #53, StH: #249)

Wily Egg Chaos Emerald

The Chaos Emerald within the Wily Egg.

The heroes soon arrived outside the Wily Egg, and a massive battle ensued between them and the Robot Masters. In the midst of the fight, Dr. Light was ejected from the Wily Egg by Eggman, who had discovered the good doctor's role in Rouge's sabotage of the flying fortress. This led to a breakdown in the doctors' friendship, just as Sonic and Mega Man managed to board the battle station. The heroes fought their way through the Mega Man Killers and a number of other obstacles before encountering the Chaos Devil. Fortunately, the heroic robot Duo arrived from Mega Man's world to take on the beast in their stead, allowing them to advance and face Bass, Metal Sonic, and Treble in battle. Unfortunately, the weary heroes were then captured by Eggman and Wily in the Egg-Wily Machine X, and learned of the Wily Egg's ultimate purpose: to fire a Super Genesis Wave fueled by all seven Chaos Emeralds that would allow them to totally rewrite both universes. Fortunately, the heroes were saved by the timely intrusion of Knuckles the Echidna, Proto Man, the rescued Dr. Light, and Rush, who freed Sonic and Mega Man. A brief battle ensued between the rescuers and the doctors, but ended when the villains super-charged their battle machine using the Chaos Emeralds. Fortunately, Sonic and Mega Man were able to use the gems' energy to become Super Sonic and Super Mega Man, and defeated the villains shortly after the Super Genesis Wave went off. The pair then attempted to restore their home universes to normal; Mega Man succeeded without incident, but a furious Eggman managed to disrupt Sonic's efforts with grave consequences. (MM: #27, SU: #54, StH: #250, #251)

Egg o' War

Due to the unforeseen effects of the Super Genesis Wave being undone, the Wily Egg ended up warped to the Sol Zone, and was eventually found and remodeled by Captain Metal and his crew, who renamed it the Egg o' War. Determined to harness its power for his own uses, Captain Metal sought out a suitable power source, and found one in the red Sol Emerald. He also discovered that the Egg o' War's reality-warping properties allowed him to make use of the Emerald's power, something that would otherwise have been impossible. (SU: #56)

Blaze Attacks Egg O War

Burning Blaze attacks the Egg O'War.

Metal later used the Sol Emerald to power the Egg o' War up, and attempted to drain the powers of the other six from Blaze the Cat in order to increase it's power further. His end goal was to travel to other worlds and conquer them, regardless of the fact that the Sol Zone would be doomed. Thanks to the interference of Team Rose, Blaze managed to escape and transformed into Burning Blaze with the power of all seven Sol Emeralds. She proceeded to liquify Metal's body, but he transferred his consciousness into the Egg o' War's computers, becoming one with the flying fortress. The Egg o' War took flight, but proved no match for Burning Blaze, who damaged it so badly that it sunk beneath the ocean below. However, the damaged vessel remained at least somewhat functional, as seen by its single exposed eye lighting up underwater.(SU: #58)


The Wily Egg combined various aspects of both Eggman and Wily's technology, its most potent feature being its Genesis Reactor, which allowed it to fire the Genesis Waves. Like its Death Egg predecessors, it was capable of flight, and carried a variety of robots from Eggman and Wily's respective armies. Amongst the various devices held aboard were a modified Roboticizer that combined the standard Roboticization process with technology based on the Robot Masters. The Wily Egg also carried technology capable of time-cloning Robot Masters from Wily's reality, allowing the doctors to create a veritable army to defend themselves. This same technology affects the very fabric of reality inside the Wily Egg, making it so that the usual rules of time and space can be bent. Despite being heavily armed, none of its weaponry was actually deployed during the doctors' conflict with Sonic, Mega Man, and the other heroes.

Background Information

  • Like several other elements of the Worlds Collide Crossover, the Wily Egg is a combination of themes from both the Sonic and Mega Man series-in this case, the classic Death Egg combined with Dr. Wily's Flying Castle.
  • The Egg o' War is the only combined element of the crossover known to survive Worlds Collide, as the Roboticized Masters and Chaos Devil were returned to normal and the Skull Egg Zone is thought to no longer exist.

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