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Egg Nautilus

Eggman in the Egg Nautilus with Sonic on a tentacle.

The Egg Nautilus is a mech like device created by Dr. Eggman resembling a Nautilus. It is used by Eggman to attack New Mobotropolis and to try and destroy NICOLE for rescuing all those captured in the Egg Grapes after the destruction of Knothole. (StH: #175, #176, #180)


The Egg Nautilus's tentacles are capable of uploading viruses into computers and are equipped with metallic claws at the ends that can be used to crush objects. It can also fly by sitting upright and using its tentacles like helicopter blades to soar into the air. (StH: #180)

Background information

  • A similar mech, (resembling a squid more than a nautilus), appeared in issue #38 of the Sonic X comic.

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