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The Egg Driller is a vehicle created by Dr. Eggman.


Dr. Eggman used the Egg Driller to battle Sonic and his allies on two different occasions, only for it to be destroyed both times. (VG: StH2, SAd)

While on a mission to recover his energy refinery from the Naugus Twins, Dr. Eggman followed Axel in his Egg Driller. Unfortunately, a sudden hit from a Dark Gaia Titan nearly made him and his vehicle fall into a pool of lava. However, Axel managed to pull them to safety and Eggman used the Egg Driller to drill through the Dark Gaia Titan. Afterwards, Eggman and Axel rendezvoused with the other Egg Bosses to face the Naugus Twins. During the fight against the Naugus Twins, the doctor used his vehicle to battle Wendy and Crystal Sonic until it got destroyed by the latter. (SU: #84, #85, #86)


As the name implies, the Egg Driller possesses a massive drill on the front which lets it plow through obstacles like a Dark Gaia Titan without difficulties. It's drill can also be launched as a projectile.


The Egg Driller is a red four-wheel vehicle resembling a kart with a built-in engine. The cockpit is open with a white frame and the front is adorned with a huge drill.

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