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Current Continuity

Egg Destroyer Battlesuit
Biographical information

Dr. Eggman

Physical description

Dr. Eggman

Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Super strength
  • Leaping
  • Firing "hands" as projectiles
  • Extendable arms
  • Flight
  • Generate electricity (advanced version)
  • Firing electric projectiles (advanced version)
You may be looking for the Egg Destroyer Battlesuit (Another Time, Another Place) version.

The Egg Destroyer Battlesuit is a giant battle robot built and used by Dr. Eggman.


Early use

Eggman first utilized the Egg Destroyer Battlesuit when Sonic boarded the original Death Egg, but was defeated. Later, he employed a more advanced version aboard the E.G.G. Station, but was once again defeated by his Hedgehog nemesis. It was once again unleashed when Sonic was traveling through time to halt Eggman's plot with the Time Eater, but once again failed to destroy the super-speedy Hedgehog. (VG: StH2, StH4, SG)

Background Information

  • The name of this robotic battle suit went unnamed until Sonic Super Special Magazine Issue 3 where it was called the Egg Destroyer Battlesuit. Until then, people called it the Death Egg Robot because it was based on the similar looking boss of the same name from the Sega Genesis game, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, and the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 game, Sonic Generations.
  • The Egg Destroyer Battlesuit makes a cameo appearance on the variant cover of Archie Sonic Universe #53 alongside the Egg Emperor.

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