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Egg Beater Remodeled

The Egg Beater II is a humongous battle suit created and piloted by Dr. Eggman in mid-3237. It was used by the doctor during his invasion of Stormtop Village, where it battled Snively Robotnik and Regina Ferrum in the Iron Oni. (SU: #40)

Unlike its predecessor, this version of the Egg Beater was specifically designed to be immune to the Iron Queen's technomagic—it was constructed from ceramics, plastics, and other composite materials, and ran on precision-aligned tension chords. Though significantly weaker in terms of structural design, Eggman compensated with his superior piloting skills and managed to sabotage the Oni, effectively destroying it in one blow. Following the Iron Oni's destruction, the Egg Beater II was left significantly damaged. It can be assumed that the battlesuit was recovered along with Mecha Sally, Snively and Regina, following Robotnik's retreat to the Egg 'Stache Flyer. (SU: #40)

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