Eggman makes the beam personal.

The Egg Annihilator Beam was a large-sized energy canon housed in the very bottom of the Death Egg Mark 2. In terms of raw firepower, it was probably the most devastating weapon aboard the entire battle station. (StH: #231)

After the overall failure of Operation: Clean Sweep and the disappearance of his Chaos Emerald, Dr. Eggman ordered a full retreat, and the launch of Projects: "Titan" and "Deadly Cuddles" into New Mobotropolis to act as distractions. The doctor then had all of the Death Egg's remaining power diverted into the Egg Annihilator Beam, and had Snively fire on the city despite his protests of their damaged condition. While the blast did shoot down the Tornado and Freedom Fighter Special, the city was spared as Ixis Naugus took control of Titan with his Ixis Magicks, and had his new crystal golem block the shot at the cost of its own destruction. Crippled and low on power, the Death Egg Mark 2 retreated in a somewhat victorious defeat as it was in no condition to continue the fight. (StH: #231)

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