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The Egg-Tortoise.

The Egg-Tortoise was a mech used by Dr. Eggman following the escape from his padded cell after he went insane and the Eggman Empire was usurped by Snively and the Iron Queen.


First Usage

Eggman used it to break out of the Eggdome after becoming insane, scare away the opposing Dark Egg Legion and Yagyu Clan and then went off to finish off Sonic. He then used the mech to lift up trees from the ground in the Great Forest, looking for Knothole. NICOLE detected his presence and Sonic went to investigate, and the Doctor went berserk upon seeing his nemesis. After a brief battle where Eggman used everything the Egg-Tortoise had against Sonic to no avail, Tails showed up and was easily able to disable the machine after he managed to sneak under it (as Eggman's attention was focused solely on Sonic and didn't even notice Tails) and short out the mech via an access panel on the bottom. The Egg-Tortoise was heavily armed with missiles, lasers and a powerful beak that was able to uproot large trees. (StH: #200, #205)

Mass Production

An Egg-Tortoise is seen as one of the many veichles in the docking bay during Snively's escape from the Death Egg II. (SU: #37)

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