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Current Continuity

Efrikan Plains

Eggman's crashed Eggmobile.

The Efrika Plains, also known as the Efrikan Plains, are a region in the continent of Efrika and the territory of the Efrika Egg Army under Axel the Water Buffalo.

After the second Genesis Wave, the heavily damaged Egg-Wily Machine X crashed somewhere in the Efrika Plains along with one of its creators, Dr. Eggman and his robot lackeys, Orbot and Cubot. With no means of transport, Eggman began walking away from the crash site along with Orbot, Cubot and his damaged Egg Mobile in search of nearby assistance. Eventually, Axel and his Egg Soldiers find the trio and give them a ride to the Efrika Egg Army base. (StH: #252, #253)

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