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Current Continuity

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Efrikan Egg Army Base

The Efrika Egg Army Base

The Efrika Egg Army is the unit of the Egg Army based on the continent of Efrika. Currently led by Egg Boss Axel the Water Buffalo, it serves Dr. Eggman in attempting to conquer the continent.


A New World

Efrika Egg Army

Axel's Egg Army locates Dr. Eggman.

In the altered timeline created by the Super Genesis Wave, the former Efrika Dark Egg Legion had been replaced by the Efrika Egg Army. Dr. Eggman discovered this shortly after returning to his altered home dimension, as well as meeting the group's leader in this reality, Axel the Water Buffalo. Axel and his men escorted Eggman, Orbot, and Cubot to their base, where they performed a hasty repair job on the doctor's Egg Mobile in order to allow him to reach Mordred Hood's base in Avalon. Some time later, the Efrika Army received orders to increase security around their base, an ancient structure that Eggman suspected might be one of the Gaia Temples needed to resolve The Shattered World Crisis. Later, Axel and several of his Egg Soldiers watched the Chaos Emerald Championship as it was being broadcast across Mobius. (StH: #253, #259, #269)

Known Members



The Efrika Unit inhabits an ancient temple-like structure, which was suspected to be one of the Gaia Temples. The Efrika Unit outfitted the exterior with defensive turrets, and their facilities also included a garage in which the Egg Soldiers could work on their vehicles while watching a monitor, such as Axel and several of his underlings did during the Chaos Emerald Championship.

Background Information

  • It is possible that the changes to Eggman's Efrika forces following the Super Genesis Wave's interrupted reversal are due to the Bear Pack having been created by former head writer Ken Penders, who is known to have copyrighted several of the characters he created while writing for the series. It is unknown whether the Nasty Hyenas are part of the Efrika Egg Army as they were the Efrika Legion, as the various Egg Army divisions all appear to be of mixed races. StH #269 showed several Efrika Egg Soldiers, including an unidentified purple bird and a brown Crocodile.
  • The Efrika Dark Egg Legion branch appeared to be comprised of all, or part of, the Bear Pack first seen in KtE #14. The Nasty Hyenas were introduced in the Sonic the Hedgehog animated series short episode "Fed Up With Antoine", in which they appointed Antoine D'Coolette's counterpart in the show their king. However, the group was revealed to be cannibalistic, and would have eaten Antoine had Sonic not intervened. They were among the only characters not to have been originally created in the comic series who ended up as members of the Dark Egg Legion.
  • Following Worlds Collide and the ensuing reboot of the Sonic comics, Ian Flynn stated that he had no plans to incorporate the Nasty Hyenas in the new reality. [1]

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