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Eel Capone talking to P.B. Jellyfish

Eel Capone is a Mobian eel and an undersea crime boss who briefly tangled with the Forty Fathom Freedom Fighters. Capone, who proved so formidable that he drove Dr. Ivo Robotnik's sub-boss Octobot from his territory, used his "hired mussel" to subdue several of the Freedom Fighters and take over most of the area. However, he was defeated when Bottlenose, a Mobian dolphin, used his Finja skills to defeat him and send the crime lord packing. (SMM)

Background Information

  • Eel's name is an obvious pun on the famous mobster Al Capone.
  • Eel Capone only appeared once in the series, most likely due to being confined to the ocean.

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