Two Memories
This article is in need of being split into two articles according to continuity.

The Eclipse Cannon was a giant laser weapon attached to Space Colony ARK. The cannon could operate only when seven Chaos Emeralds were added to it. Built by Professor Gerald Robotnik, the scientist planned to use the weapon to destroy Mobius as revenge for G.U.N. agents murdering his granddaughter Maria Robotnik. Roughly 50 years later, Dr. Eggman attempted to use the Eclipse Cannon to threaten Mobius into accepting him as the planet's emperor, but his plans went awry when the Ultimate Lifeform Prototype inside the shrine chamber fused to the cannon in an attempt to bring the colony on a collision course with the planet. The weapon ultimately stopped by Sonic the Hedgehog, Shadow the Hedgehog, and Rouge the Bat. (StH: #98, SU: #2)

In the post-Super Genesis Wave timeline, the cannon was once used by Shadow to blow up the Black Comet, eradicating the invading Black Arms in the process. (SU: #59)

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