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Echidnaopolis was the second largest Echidna settlement on the planet Mobius, located on Angel Island. The city was originally located in the continent of Downunda, until Angel Island was separated from Mobius' surface. It remained on Angel Island proper for several generations, until a nuclear disaster forced its relocation to another Zone. It was eventually returned to Mobius proper, but was the site of great turmoil as the Dark Legion, Dingo Regime, and various other threats came into conflict with the inhabitants. It was eventually destroyed when the Dingoes received support from the Eggman Empire, and saw a brief period of rebuilding before being leveled yet again. A village was named after it, but with the transport of all its surviving inhabitants to Albion it was left abandoned.



Long before Echidnaopolis was founded, its future site in Downunda was visited by a group of Echidna scientists during the Forgotten War. This group hailed from Albion, and were sent to develop means of helping the Albion Knights of Aurora defeat the Order of Ixis. However, they turned their efforts to unspeakable acts of evil, and their colony was destroyed following their imprisonment by the authorities of Albion. (CSE)

Voyage from Albion

Many years later, another group of Echidnas departed from Albion in search of new adventures and opportunities in other lands. The pioneers first came to Soumerca where they began to colonize. Shortly afterwards however they discovered they had attempted to settle in the Mysterious Cat Country. Soon, the Felidae and the Echidna settlers became engaged in a war. The warrior and advanced sciences castes, the Knuckles Clan and the Nocturnus Clan respectively, both wanted to remain and fight for their new land, while the scientific elite and intellectuals wanted no part of the conflict. Thus, the latter left on their ships to find a new land, while the Knuckles and Nocturnus Clans remained behind to continue their war with the Cat People. The scientists traveled to the continent of Downunda where they began colonization and the built Echidnaopolis, which was modeled after Albion. For many generations the Echidnas of the city lived in peace, only having to contend with threats of Dingoes and Tasmanian Devil Dogs. The Devil Dogs, sadly, were the product of the experiments of the first Downunda colony, which turned the proud Mobian race into savage Mobini. (StH: #82, KtE: #12; CSE)


Echidnaopolis ascending into the sky

The White Comet Incident

After years of development, Echidnaopolis was one of the most developed cities on the planet. While two of their top scientists, Jordann and Kayla-La, were exploring and charting the stars, they came across the discovery of a massive comet on its way to Mobius and on a direct collision course for Echidnaopolis. The two brilliant scientists proposed that they lift their city airborne using the power of numerous Chaos Emeralds to avoid destruction. The Echidnas proceeded to launch a massive excavation of the planet in search of the Chaos Emeralds. Once they had obtained enough, they placed them within the deep caverns below the city. Meanwhile, the Fire Ants dug their way deep under the city until it was no longer connected to the planet's surface. The power of the Chaos Emeralds, resonating through the city's infrastructure, Echidnaopolis was lifted into the sky, just before the comet struck the planet. (StH: #34)

Edmund and Dimitri's Plan

The society on Echidnaopolis suffered another, much larger schism of its population 400 years ago, which stemmed from the decision of the Echidna Council (particularly Menthor, the High Councilor at the time) to deny Dimitri and Edmund's plan to restore Angel Island to its original site on Mobius. When Dimitri took matters into his own hand and attempted to use the Chaos Syphon to drain the power of the Chaos Emeralds so the Island would slowly descend onto Mobius, the power was sapped into him, turning him into the god Enerjak. Enerjak then proceeded to conquer Echidnapolis and enslave the inhabitants, planning to use the city and island as a vessel for his own planetary conquest. Despite the immense power he obtained, he was defeated and crushed when his tower was destroyed by fire ants. Because the use of technology nearly resulted in the destruction of their civilization, the Echidna Council then deemed technology banned. Most of it was then confiscated and stored in the Grand Conservatory. (StH: #35, #36)


However, Dimitri's son, Menniker decided to follow in his father's footsteps. He gathered together rebels and dissenters and created the Dark Legion, a technocratic group of cybernetic-using Echidnas loyal to Dimitri's cause of restoring the Island to Mobius, as well as maintaining technology in their society. The Dark Legion succeeded in murdering Guardian Edmund and nearly conquering the entire city, but Edmund's own son, Steppenwolf, stepped forward and confronted the Legion, using his Chaos powers to banish them to the Twilight Cage. From that time on, however, the Legion posed a threat to Echidnaopolis. (KtE: #2, #3)

In addition to the Dark Legion, the Guardians had to contend with another native species on the Floating Island, the Dingoes. A militaristic and brutal race, the Dingoes nearly wiped out Echidnaopolis via nuclear strike, but were stopped by the current Guardian at the time, Hawking. To prevent all life on the island from dying to the radiation, he transported Echidnaopolis to its own pocket Zone, and the Dingoes to another, using the Hyper-Zone Projector. He then began the tedious task of restoring the island to its former state, a process which took several generations. (KtE: #4, #5)

Return to Mobius Prime

Eventually, the Ultimate Annihilator created by Dr. Ivo Robotnik accelerated the breakdown of the barriers between zones. As a result, Echidnaopolis began to return to Angel Island, but its transition was initially turbulent as it kept moving between the two zones. Making matters more complex, the Dingo city of Cavem Canus was trying to return as well, to the exact same spot. Eventually, the aged Hawking was forced to use the projector again, restoring Echidnaopolis to its proper place and destroying the Dingo city, but leaving the inhabitants of both alive in a shared home. Caught up in these events was the Guardian at the time, Knuckles the Echidna, who proved a voice of reason to the conflicting parties. Tensions continued to mount as the unlikely neighbors tried to get along, but more trouble came in the form of the returning Dark Legion, with Enerjak at its head. Echidnaopolis would subsequently become the site of a battle between the villainous Mammoth Mogul and Knuckles, the latter backed by Sonic the Hedgehog and Miles "Tails" Prower, all four employing Super transformations. The Dingoes, Echidnas, Chaotix, Knothole Freedom Fighters, Ancient Walkers, and even the Brotherhood of Guardians became involved in the battle, which eventually led to Mogul's imprisonment in the newly created Master Emerald. (StH: #56, KtE: #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9)



Echidnaopolis is destroyed during the Eggman Empire's invasion.

Echidnaopolis was destroyed when the Dingoes joined forces with Dr. Eggman and took over, overwhelming the Echidnas and forcing them into concentration camps as well as killing off 90% percent of them. The few survivors were later liberated by the Chaotix and relocated to a village, which they named after their fallen city, but with most of the Brotherhood gone they were ill-equipped to defend themselves. Locke the Echidna, Guardian and father of Knuckles, defended them briefly before turning the position over to Dr. Finitevus, which allowed him to go off in search of his predecessors. Finitevus and his Destructix minions defended the former residents of Echidnaopolis briefly, until the new Enerjak came to power. The demigod then transported them to Albion with the rest of the Echidnas in hopes of rebuilding their ravaged species, leaving any hopes of restoring Echidnaopolis extremely unlikely. (StH: #138, #139, #171, #181, CSE)

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