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A volume of the Echidna Tomes

The Echidna Tomes (or simply "Tomes") are a series of books of ancient Echidna literature and religion. They consist of three volumes named the Tome of Prophecies, the Tomb of Mysteries (also known as the Book of Myths), and the Tome of Recollections. Much of the Tomes' information had been provided by Echidnas who had received insight from the Ancient Walkers themselves, most of it coming through Aurora. The Tomes contain information regarding Mobius's early history, including the first of the Days of Fury as well as prophecies of the legendary Avatar. The Tomes also praise Aurora as the one entity who is a part of the Chaos Force itself. According to Athair, the Tomes pre-ordained him to be the last Mitre of the Lost Tribe. He also explains that the Tomes do not give specific details but rather hints and signs to be interpreted for guidance. The Echidnas are not the only Mobians who study the tomes, with other such students including Friar Buck. (StH: #138, #148, KtE: #10, #11, CSE)

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