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In the Sonic X Zone, Earth is a planet within a parallel dimension inhabited primarily by humans, and the surrogate home of Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends who were all sent there from their unnamed home planet through Chaos Control.


Many Years Ago

  • At some point in the past, Sonic's world and Earth were once one planet, until an unknown catastrophic event caused the world to split into two. Both worlds were flung into parallel dimensions, each running on their own separate timelines. (TV: Ep49)
  • Infamous pirate Captain "Red Eye" Macguffin terrorized the Emerald Coast. His ship later sank somewhere in the Sapphire Sea. (SX: #2)

50 Years Ago

Modern Day

  • During a battle on their home world, Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends, along with Dr. Eggman and his robots, where transported by Chaos Control to Earth. Lost and alone, Sonic befriended Chris Thorndyke when the boy saved him from drowning in his swimming pool. (TV: Ep1)
  • When news of Sonic's appearance spread, scientist Kai Narasu wrote a paper on his theory that the mysterious blue hedgehog was actually a machine. His theory was inevitably proven false, resulting in him losing his tenure. (TV: Ep2)
  • Sonic and friends go on a scuba dive to retrieve a Chaos Emerald at the bottom of the ocean. (TV: Ep16)
  • Knuckles the Echidna visits an oriental-themed city to retrieve a Chaos Emerald obtained by Hawk. (TV: Ep17)
  • Dr. Eggman releases Chaos from the Master Emerald and uses the Chaos Emeralds help it grow in power. The beast eventually looses control and goes on a rampage across Station Square in its perfect form. With the help of Tikal, Sonic manages to defeat the monster in his super form. Chaos returns to the pocket zone within the Master Emerald with Tikal and the Chao. Tikal offers Cheese the Chao to return with them so it could be with it's own kind, but declines so that it could stay with Cream the Rabbit. (TV: Chaos Saga, SX: #5)
  • Eggman discovers his grandfather, Professor Gerald's diary, telling him about his creation, Shadow the Hedgehog. He awakens Shadow on Prison Island, who then proceeds to steal a Chaos Emerald from the Station Square Bank, framing Sonic for the crime. After being arrested and taken to Prison Island, Tails, Amy, Chris and Mr. Tanaka arrive to break him out. They learn of Eggman and Shadows plan to destroy the world, devising a plan to thwart them with a fake Chaos Emerald. At the eleventh hour, an emotional plea from Chris causes Shadow to have a change of heart, teaming up with the heroes to stop the plan he'd set into motion, seemingly sacrificing himself in the process. Eggman also blows up half of the moon during this time. (TV: Shadow Saga)
  • Instead of dying, Shadow was rescued by Eggman. He put Shadow in suspended animation in his tower base, unbeknown to the heroes. (SX: #40)
  • Dr. Eggman attempts to rob the Station Square Bank to finance the creation of his robots. Using Ben-728 Packratbot, Eggman breaks into the bank, putting many people, including the Thorndykes, in danger. Sonic, Tails and Amy Rose work together to destroy the robot. Before making his escape, Eggman gathered up several of the rings Tails spilled during the battle. (SX: #1)
  • Sonic is tasked by the President to dive down to Captain MacGuffin's sunken ship at the bottom of the Sapphire Sea when it's believe that a Chaos Emerald is down there. Sonic goes down there, accompanied by G.U.N. agents Rouge the Bat and Topaz. They where attacked by Dr. Eggmans Dragonbots (powered by the rings he stole before). After trashing the bots, the group retrieve a treasure chest from the sunken ship, only to find it filled with nothing but seashells. (SX: #2)
  • Eggman kidnaps Cheese the Chao and traps it inside a capsule in the Emerald Coast with several Mobini. Sonic ventures across the beach to rescue them. (SX: #3)
  • With Sonic distracted, Bokkun goes around leaving strange gifts for Sonic's human friends and acquaintances. Later, when Chris' school class takes a trip to the Space Museum, Eggman activates his trap: the strange gifts are actually disguised robots, who proceed to trap their human hosts inside them as organic batteries. Sonic and his friends struggle to defeat the robots without hurting their friends, but with Chris' help, who find a way to control his robot from the inside, the heroes succeed. (SX: #3, #4)
  • Using a clipping he took from Cheese's wing when he kidnapped it, Eggman clones his own Chao Colony, and sells them to people all over Station Square as pets. When the clone Chao turn evil and reek havoc across the city, Sonic and the heroes jump into action. With the help of Tikal and Chaos, they manage to revert the Chao to normal. The Chao go to live with Tikal and Chaos in the Master Emerald. (SX: #5, #6)
  • When a secret room is discovered under Station Square, Captain Westwood recruits Sonic as his partner in investigating alongside Rouge and Topaz. The group are unknowingly followed by the mysterious robot Emerl. Meanwhile, Eggman heads to Paris, France to prepare for his latest plot. Incidentally, Sonic and friends also head to Paris when the Thorndykes invite them to the World Fair in celebration of Chris' birthday. (SX: #7)


Background Information

  • This Earth appears to be near-identical to the real-world planet Earth, made evident by the presense of numerous real-world locations such as Las Vegas and the country of France.
    • This Earth also bares a striking resemblance to the Earth predating the Xorda Attack, which eventually lead to the creation of Mobius.

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