Two Memories
This article is in need of being split into two articles according to continuity.

E-105 Zeta was a purple E-100 Series robot.


Zeta was the sixth E-Series robot created by Dr. Eggman. At some point it was retrofitted into a restorative engine in the remains of the Egg Carrier, but it was found and destroyed by E-102 Gamma and its Mobini freed. (ASUB)

Background Information

  • Zeta made his debut appearance in the Sonic Adventure video game, but was absent from the comic adaptation, his role filled by E-101 Beta. His fate in the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity was revealed in the (now defunct) Sonic Universe blogs.
  • Zeta shared his serial number with the unrelated E-105 Series in the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.

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