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This article is about the E-100 series of the Pre-Super Genesis Wave Timeline. You might be looking for the E-1000 Series.

E-100 Series
Form of Group and Statistics

Elite robot fighters

  • 3236
Resident location 

The E-100 Series line of robots were the first of the E-Series created by Dr. Eggman. They were gunner robots, still in the developmental stages. Almost all were equipped with some sort of lock-on target ammunition, though its utility varied between models. All of the E-100 series were given Greek letters for code-names. The most famous of these was E-102 Gamma, who eventually overcame his programming and rejected Dr. Eggman. Gamma managed to destroy almost every unit of the E-100 Series at various outposts of the Eggman Empire, until it seemed as if he was the only one left. But the 123rd unit of the E-100 Series, E-123 Omega, had not even been activated until 3237, when he was ordered to destroy Gamma. Omega accomplished this, making him the very last of the E-100 Series, but Gamma managed to upload his free will into Omega shortly before his destruction, causing Omega to rebel against Eggman and join the Guardian Units of the Nation.


Creation and Demise

Most of the original E-100 Series were put to little use prior to being destroyed. The original line-up of E-100s were first put into a competition with each other to retrieve Froggy who had absorbed Chaos' tail. Gamma located Froggy at Big the Cat's hut, knocked the feline over and captured the frog. When he returned, Eggman was delighted to see Gamma's success, while the other E-100s had all failed and brought back regular frogs. With Gamma as the victor, Eggman placed the other E-100s at various outposts assigned Gamma to his next mission: retrieving a Flicky from Amy Rose. (StH: #80, #81, #82)

E-102 Eliminating

E-102 Gamma fighting another E-100 Series unit.

After Gamma freed Amy from her prison, he was called up to the deck to dispose of the trespassing Sonic and Tails. A grueling battle ensued, but Gamma was ultimately defeated by Sonic. Before he could be destroyed however, Amy got between the two and informed Sonic that Gamma had helped her escape. Hearing this, Sonic left the robot alone, and Sonic, Amy, Tails and Gamma all fled the descending Egg Carrier. (StH: #82, SSS: #13)

Gamma then set about destroying any of the other E-100 units he could find and when he'd destroyed them all, he went on to fight the Eggman Empire. (SU: #3)

Later Models

See: E-105 Series and E-1000 Series

E-1000 Series robots were made to guard Eggman's pyramid base on Prison Island. (SU: #2)


The E-105 Series after blasting through a wall.

In 3236, Dr. Eggman employed a series of E-105 robots as an army to invade Feral Forest. These robots were very unsuccessful, as the local villagers along with Sonic the Hedgehog, Sally Acorn, Geoffrey St. John and Hershey Cat managed to destroy the entire E-105 army with relative ease. (StH: #121)

Robots similar to the E-Series were also seen among the robots sent to the ruins of Robotropolis with the intention of breaching its force-field and allowing nuclear waste to spread to Knothole. Like the other robots, they were also repelled by an all-out assault led by Knuckles the Echidna, Amy Rose, Rouge the Bat, and the Mes Braves Battalion under the command of General Armand D'Coolette. (StH: #132, #133)

After Gamma was believed by Eggman to be too much of a threat, he had an E-100 unit called E-123 Omega that had been left in storage track down the rogue Gamma, but the Guardian Units of the Nation wished to have Gamma as an agent of theirs and also wished to offer the old robot help. In order to do so, they sent Shadow the Hedgehog out to find him. Omega was successful in his mission, but before Gamma was destroyed, he uploaded his free will into Omega, prompting him to join the Guardian Units of Nations and fight the Eggman Empire in his "brother's" footsteps. With Gamma destroyed, Omega is now the last known unit of the E-100 Series. (SU: #3)

The Status of the E-100 Series

At the time that E-102 Gamma was still active, a mission data redundant back-up log was performed, and the status of each of the E-100 series robots was revealed by model number. The following is what showed up in E-102 Gamma's log:


The E-100s are designed for combat, with main weapons usually consisting of machine guns and cannons on their arms. E-103 and the unnamed purple E-100 are equipped with double the firepower thanks to having two cannons on both arms. (StH: #81)

E-101 Beta was equipped with upgrades shortly before it was destroyed by Gamma. These upgrades took away its legs, made its design sleeker, and gave it the ability to constantly remain airborne. (SU: #3)

E-102 Gamma had help shooting thanks to a lock-on laser targeting device on his head. Due to the targeting device, Gamma's shots were almost always accurate, and allowed for pinpoint accuracy to find an enemy's weak spot.

Gamma was also equipped with a jet booster that allowed him to hover for some time and cross longer distances in the air, making him one of the more resourceful E-100 robots.

The E-105 Series' basic combat abilities consist of laser cannons on their arms. (StH: #121)

Background information

  • In the Sonic game universe, the E-100 Series is slightly larger and all had code-names from the Greek Alphabet, including E-100 Alpha (α) (or ZERO) and E-121 Phi (φ). In the comic adaptation and SU #3 however, only E-100, E-101 Beta, E-102 Gamma and E-103 and E-104 names were specified, though E-103, and E-104's numbers could only be seen on their bodies, and their full names (i.e. Delta, Epsilon etc.) were never stated, though are considered tier 2 canon.
  • Although a purple E-100 series unit is briefly seen in StH #81 it was never referenced as E-105 Zeta, who appeared in the Sonic Adventure videogame. In the comic series, the E-105 designation was given to an army of robots instead of Zeta. The "purple" E-100 robot shown in StH #81 is considered to be E-101 Beta, as the backstory of StH #82 shows E-101 being beamed away.
  • None of the E-100 series should be confused with Isaac, despite it being referred to as an "E-100 approximate" by Metal Sonic.
  • The Zero Viruses found in E-117 Sigma is likely inspired by the Zero Virus from Mega Man X which was connected to the Sigma Virus and the reploid, Sigma.
  • In the alternate future zone, (Light Mobius), an E-Series android, named E-107 Theta, was reportedly quarantined in the catacombs of Castle Mobius which held terrible weapons including the pod containing the frozen King Shadow, the Anarchy Beryl Bomb, and Tikhaos. (SU: #7) A Prime Zone version of Theta was originally to appear in StH #258 as the primary antagonist, but was replaced with E-106 Eta due to worries over Theta's association with the Light Mobius concept and its ownership by former head writer Ken Penders.

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