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Not to be confused with Dragons, the magical creatures; the Dragon Kingdom, a country of Mobius in the Pre-Super Genesis Wave Timeline; or Drago Wolf, a villainous ex-member of the Wolf Pack from said timeline.
Badniks on a Train

Dragonflies in action.

Dragonfly is a dragonfly-based Badnik model created by Dr. Eggman and utilized by him in his efforts to conquer the world.


Eggman deployed the Dragonfly model in a number of locations, notably spreading them throughout Angel Island. A swarm of Dragonflies was also present aboard the Egg Train that transported the captive Professor Charles the Hedgehog and Professor Pickle, and engaged the Knothole Freedom Fighters during their mission to rescue the pair. (VG: StH3, StH: #258)

Background Information

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