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Two Memories
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Ancient dragons warring against each other.

Dragons are a mystical species of Mobians with powerful abilities. They tend to avoid the other races of Mobius and stick to their own affairs.



Like all other mobians, the Dragons were a by-product of mutation by the Xorda's Gene Bombs. By unknown means, their species is said to have been born from Mobius' "primordial fire", a force to which the spirits of deceased dragons return so that they may eventually be reborn. The Dragon Kingdom was the original home of the species, but in ancient times the dragons often fought each other. Only when they realized the massive destruction they'd caused did they stop fighting and begin to resettle elsewhere, such as Vesuvio. Before leaving, however, they prophesied of the coming of a legendary "Monkey King" who would bring balance to the land if it should again fall into trouble. The Dragon Kingdom still has numerous dragon-based located throughout it, possibly as a nod to their influence on the culture. The Yagyu Clan had control of the robot dragon Kamezon at one time, and Regina Ferrum had used her technomagic to reawaken dormant dragon robots when she and Jun Kun attempted to take over the region. (StH: #148, #155, #207, SU: #13, SSS: #8, CSE)

Relations with Other Mobians

After leaving the Dragon Kingdom, dragons had lived in harmony with inhabitants of Mobius up until very recent times. When Dr. Ivo Robotnik began his global conquest, Dulcy's colony came under attack, with many of the dragons being roboticized. Those who had escaped came under the leadership of Glint, who led them to the ancient dragon city of Vesuvio in Mobius' largest mountain. Other dragons took up residence in different regions, with the notable case of Zan taking up residence on Pyro Island prior to his threatening the United Federation and subsequently falling in battle. The dragons of Vesuvio lived largely in isolation until Dulcy helped to defeat a group of Robian dragons controlled by Dr. Eggman, at which point she became the colony's official liaison to the rest of Mobius. (StH: #106, #107, #155, #156)


All Dragons have a number of abilities in common, the most obvious being flight; however, it is notable that different methods exist between different breeds. While the most common breed of dragon possesses wings, a more serpentine variety-such as Zan-flies without the apparent use of wings. Dragons are also reputed to possess pure spirits, capable of recognizing whether someone is lying or telling the truth, though they are prone to self-deception.

Dragons are also capable of breathing both ice and fire, the former from their nostrils and the latter from their mouths. The most common Dragon variety all have magical rings in their noses, and their fire-breathing abilities can be inhibited if their nose-ring is replaced with a Power Ring. Dragons can also draw in large amounts of air for various purposes, whether to increase their mass, produce blinding smoke, or unleash it as powerful gusts of wind. Possessed of short limbs, Dragons are aided by the possession of long prehensile tails.

Background Information

  • The Dragons are one of a number of elements in the comic series originally featured in the Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon.
  • The majority of Dragons have been similar in design to Dulcy, the one exception-in the old reality-being Zan. Ian Flynn had previously indicated that other Dragons like Zan might be featured, but this is less likely given the reboot that followed Worlds Collide

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