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You may be looking for Dr. Eggman from the Mobius Prime universe. For other versions, see Robotnik (disambiguation).

Dr. Eggman (Dark Mobius) is an alternate version of Dr. Eggman from Dark Mobius. This universe's version of Knuckles had taken him out easily. (ASUB)

Eggman Husk

Dr. Eggman's husk on Enerjak's wall.

Knuckles later revealed to his daughter, Jani-Ca, that he had thought that he vaporized Dr. Eggman, as he was not in complete control of his powers at the time, and the doctor was the first time that he took a core from someone. It took a great deal of experimentation to restore his body. Knuckles never did like his prelate form though because he thought its neon mustache was ridiculous. (ASUB)

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