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:You may be looking for Dimitri or his counterpart from Light Mobius.

Dimitri was a cyborg Echidna native to Dark Mobius and former leader of the Dark Legion. His history was presumably very similar to that of his counterpart on Mobius until an attempt was made on his life that Knuckles prevented, seemingly at the cost of his life. Unlike his Prime Zone counterpart, Dimitri and the other Echidnas he was meeting with continued to discuss their situation while Knuckles lay on the floor, believed to be dead. This act and others eventually led to Knuckles becoming a new Dark Enerjak and terrorizing all of Mobius. Dimitri apparently sided with the resistance and some point, and while his health deteriorated rapidly he was able to instruct Jani-Ca, the daughter of Knuckles and Julie-Su, in the art of manipulating the Chaos Force. (ASUB)

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