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Diesel was a Mobian bear and former Grandmaster of Efrika's chapter of the Eggman Empire's Dark Egg Legion. Prior to that he was a member of the Bear Pack biker gang.


Forming the Legion

Originally a member of Efrika's Bear Pack, Diesel united his fellow bikers with the Nasty Hyenas, another gang. Together, these two groups became the Efrika Dark Egg Legion. (CSE)

Meeting of the Grandmasters

As a distraction within a greater plan, Snively Robotnik sent a recorded message to the Grandmasters, telling them that Dr. Eggman had been defeated and that the Eggman Empire had fallen. Thinking that he was now without higher leadership and restraint, Diesel decided that his Legion was now free to attack Mazuri as per his desire. Riding a hover-bike, he rallied his Legionnaires and set out across the Efrika Plains, only to be suddenly teleported away. He found himself seated at a table aboard the Death Egg Mark 2, along with several other surprised Grandmasters. Eggman himself then strode into the room, confirming that he was in fact not dead, nor was his Empire fallen. After cruelly reasserting his control over the Grandmasters, he set a new task before them, instructing them to search for and recover his missing Blue Chaos Emerald. The Grandmasters, Diesel included, were then forcefully returned home. (SU: #37)

Background Information

  • Diesel appears to have been removed from the comics despite being an Ian Flynn-original character--this is likely due to his association with the Bear Pack, which originated from Ken Penders.
  • Diesel is one of two Dark Egg Legion Grandmasters-the other being The Foreman-who only appeared once in the series.
  • Of the Grandmasters to be replaced by a new Egg Boss character, Diesel was the first, with his place as Eggman's enforcer in Efrika being taken over by Axel the Water Buffalo. Interestingly, Axel shares the chain-wrapped gauntlets sported by Diesel and is similarly brawny, and both appear to have resented Eggman's authority.


Diesel is a brown Mobian bear who wore brown boots, an orange vest, green or blue pants, and a blue bandanna on top of his head. He also sported pair of gauntlets with chains wrapped around them and another chain wrapped around his waist. He appears to have had either long hair or a beard that he formed into a braid.

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