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Shamar Freedom Fighters
Desert Raiders
First Appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #278

Form of Group and Statistics

Freedom Fighter group

Resident location 
Other names
  • Shamar Freedom Fighters

The Desert Raiders are a group of Freedom Fighters that pose as a resistance force against the Eggman Empire in the area of Shamar. In reality, they are associates of the Midesta Egg Army.


The Desert Raiders were first formed to counteract the Egg Army chapter in Shamar. However, the true intent of the group was to keep the forces of the Eggman Empire and the Freedom Fighters at a stalemate in Shamar, therefore compromising complete control from Eggman. The leader of Shamar's Egg Army, Nephthys, conspires with the Desert Raiders for the plan to work.(StH: #279)

Members of the Knothole Freedom Fighters called upon the Desert Raiders for help during their efforts to save a Guardian of one of the Gaia Keys from the encroaching Egg Army. Though the Desert Raiders secretly set up an ambush with the Egg Army on their Knothole counterparts, the rescue was successful nonetheless.(StH: #278, StH: #279)

Background Information

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