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You may be looking for the article on the original version of the Death Egg created by Dr. Ivo Robotnik.
Death Egg 2
Death Egg Mark 2
Biographical information


approx. 3237


Dr. Eggman

Physical description
  • Robotnik's face
  • Egg-shaped air ship
  • Ocular view-ports
  • Nasal sensory array
  • Colors: Grey with orange and green trim
Political Alignment and Abilities

The Death Egg Mark 2 is Dr. Eggman's current mobile base of operations in his efforts to conquer Mobius.

The Death Egg Mark 2 was a newer version of the previous Death Egg created years later by Dr. Eggman. While concealed as the EggDome, it served as Eggman's base of operations following the destruction of New Megaopolis and was occupied by the Iron Dominion's forces during its takeover. After Eggman resumed control, the body was made flight-worthy, and with a Chaos Emerald powering it's main reactor, the Death Egg Mk II was launched over New Mobotropolis for Operation: Clean Sweep. During phase 1, Dr. Eggman's memory loss and a massive power drain forced the Death Egg to spend most of it's time recharging. After Sonic restored reality to normal, Eggman attempted to use its main weapon to Roboticize the entire planet regardless, but Sally Acorn sabotaged the process, damaging the fortress at great personal cost. Crippled and low on power, the Death Egg retreated as it made a failed attempt to wipe out the city, terrorizing communities while it headed for a safe place to restock on fuel and supplies. It subsequently served as Eggman's mobile base as he attacked various locations on Mobius prior to firing off a second Genesis Wave.


Captain Overboard

After the events of Worlds Collide, Eggman and his lackeys returned to this completely new (to them) timeline, in what was left of the Egg-Wily Machine X, which crash landed in the middle of the Efrikan plains. As a result, the Death Egg had been left unmanned in Artika. During the Doctors absence, his forces had to deal with Sally Acorn, who had penetrated the ship as part of a mission to steal Egg Network acess codes. By the time Eggman and his lackeys returned after a lengthy misadventure, Sally had already escaped, but not before being caught on the security tapes. Enraged over how he'd lost his Roboticized weapon (having just come from an alternate timeline where Sally had become his robotic slave), he launched Metal Sonic to hunt her down, determined that Sonic would not see her again alive. (StH: #252, #253, #254, #255, #256)

Death Egg 2 Docked

The Death Egg docked in the Northern Tundra.

Hiding in Plain Sight

In the aftermath of Enerjak's decimating attack on New Megaopolis, the EggDome was the only structure left relatively intact. With the Death Egg's lower levels concealed below ground, Eggman made use of it as an emergency bunker and operation center for himself and his Dark Egg Legion. While the doctor did put a concentrated effort into building up the EggDome, his obsession with Sonic the Hedgehog and his increasing decline in sanity had an obvious impact on the structure as it became more sloppy overall and left unfinished. Even after the EggDome was invaded by the Freedom Fighters and Chaotix, Eggman's breakdown, the Iron Queen's occupation, and numerous investigations by Sonic, the true nature of the structure being the Death Egg was kept a well-hidden secret to all but Dr. Eggman himself. (StH: #183, #192, #197, #199, #200, #201, #205, #212, FCDS: #4)

The Death Egg Returns

See also: Operation: Clean Sweep

The Death Egg Mark 2 hovers over New Mobotropolis

Once Eggman escaped and regained control of his Eggman Empire, he went into hiding with Snively and his Legionnaires in the lower levels of the EggDome and sealed them off. They then began working at a feverish pace over the following weeks, repairing the EggDome and preparing it to be flight-worthy. At the same time, the doctor mobilized other Dark Egg Legion chapters with orders to construct giant refueling stations for his airship. After the structural repairs were finished, Dr. Eggman and Snively used the last remaining power from New Megaopolis' ruins to venture into the Special Zone and retrieved a Chaos Emerald for its primary power source. With the preparations complete, Dr. Eggman launched the Death Egg Mark 2, destroying the last remnants of his city doing so. (FCDS: #4,StH: #212, #215, #218, #223, #224)

While Sonic battled Ixis Naugus, the Death Egg appeared above New Mobotropolis to everyone's shock. Naugus agreed to a truce with the Freedom Fighters, and then attacked the Death Egg by trying to crystallize and control it, only to be surprised when it resisted his magic via an internal matrix of Power Rings lining the hull. While the Tornado and Freedom Fighter Special were kept back by its laser array, Dr. Eggman allowed Sonic and Sally to infiltrate the ship where they were then attacked by Silver Sonic v3.0. After realizing Eggman was just stalling them, Sally went to find him but was shot dead by a hidden cannon. Dr. Eggman then fired his new weapon, starting Operation: Clean Sweep. (ASB, StH: #224, #225)



Sonic watches as Operation: Clean Sweep effects Mobius

In the altered reality, the Death Egg hovered over Mobius just outside of the atmosphere. Though Eggman and Snively continued with their plan, they could not immediately remember what the first part of it was or the Death Egg's purpose. Eventually, Eggman realized that firing the weapon that caused Operation: Clean Sweep drained most of the battle station's power, and required they use all seven Chaos Emeralds to recharge it. In addition, Eggman remembered that once recharged, the Death Egg Mark 2 would be able to "robotize" the whole planet in one shot, which would make everything his robot slave and the current reality shifts permanent. (StH: #226, #228, #229)

When Eggman retreated from the Metropolis Zone, Sonic chased him back to the Death Egg and confronted his Giant Mech on the lower decks. During the battle, they did severe damage to the Death Egg until not even its "robotizing weapon" could prevent reality from breaking down. This forced Super Sonic to access as much energy from the Chaos Emeralds as possible, and performed Chaos Control in order to turn back time and reset the world again. (StH: #229).

Weapons Of Mass Destruction

With the world restored, the "Cosmic Reset Button" that launched Operation: Clean Sweep failed to work due to Sonic, who also rescued Sally. Once in the lower levels of the Death Egg, they found a Roboticizer that Robotnik planned to use on the whole planet and either roboticize everyone, or destroy everything mechanical including G.U.N., the entire United Federation, New Mobotropolis, and all the Dark Egg Legion. Sonic soon found himself fighting Metal Sonic and Silver Sonic again, acting as a distraction for Sally and Nicole while they tampered with the Roboticizer's firing. Left with no other options, Sally inverted the beam to her exact spot as Robotnik ordered the weapon to fire. (StH: #230)


The Death Egg is heavily damaged as its Roboticizer explodes.

This resulted in an explosion that rocked the battle station, leaving it severely damaged and the Roboticizer destroyed. The most shocking developments however, were Sally's roboticization and the mysterious disappearance of Eggman's Chaos Emerald. Robotnik then ordered the Death Egg to withdraw, and deployed Project "Titan" and Project "Deadly Cuddles" as distractions while readying a parting shot from the Egg Annihilator Beam in a last attempt to destroy the city. Unfortunately, Project Titan was crystallized by Naugus' magic and was used to block the beam, destroying it in the process. Project Deadly Cuddles however, was picked up by Cream in the confusion in New Mobotropolis. With the attacks nullified and no Chaos Emerald left, the crippled and low-powered Death Egg Mark 2 made a slow retreat. (StH: #230, #231)

The Death Egg returned just days later and ambushed Elias Acorn's family while relocating from New Mobotropolis, with the remaining Knothole Freedom Fighters acting as their escorts. Drop-pods filled with Egg Swats were released from the airship, and Eggman then launched Metal Sonic along with an upgraded and weaponized Mecha Sally. During the battle, the ex-king's Mobo-Cruiser was left undefended, and the Death Egg fired upon it with it's ventral lasers, but missed due to a targeting scrambler, whereupon Eggman ordered Metal Sonic to latch on and self destruct. After Antoine took the brunt of the blast, Eggman was thrilled at finally downing one of the Freedom Fighters and withdrew all his forces despite the fact Elias' family escaped. (StH: #234)

Terror Abroad

Shortly after, Eggman found himself locked out from the Death Egg's computer system by Snively after he caused much confusion with his Infiltrators and faked a video message to the Grandmasters, claiming Eggman had been killed by Sonic and that the Dark Egg Legion was officially disbanded, before fleeing in the Egg Jet. After hosting an emergency meeting with his Grandmasters to keep them in line, Eggman launched the Egg 'Stache Flyer in pursuit of his treacherous lackey and left Lien-Da in charge of the station in his absence.(SU: #37)

Once Eggman finished his business with Snively and returned, the Death Egg Mark 2 attacked Furville and captured the population for Roboticization and Legionization. As his Egg Swats and Mecha Sally wreaked havoc, Team Fighters arrived and inspired the civilians to fight back for their town. With the Death Egg now losing forces as well as fuel and supplies, Eggman furiously retreated to reach the DEL base in Shazamazon. The airship landed none too soon, as the power situation worsened en route, and the communications had to be cut for the oxygen feed to stay running. The Death Egg briefly stopped at the Shazamazon base for refueling and repairs, but was forced to depart prematurely as Team Fighters arrived with reinforcements from the local Felidae and Wolf Pack. From there it headed towards New Mobotropolis for another attack, dropping off a strike force in Feral Forest on the way. It then dropped forces in New Mobotropolis, but the attack was beaten off by Team Freedom and the Secret Freedom Fighters. (StH: #236, #237, #238, #239, #240)

Once again fleeing Team Fighters, the Death Egg flew across the ocean towards Mercia, deploying attack forces to slow down the pursuers. In the midst of this, Eggman discovered that a sprig of the Krudzu Hybrid Hydra had survived aboard the ship, and combined it with a Titan Metal Sonic to slow down Team Fighters. Thanks to this delay, the Death Egg reached the Echidna homeland of Albion before Team Fighters, and managed to drop off its Dark Egg Legion crew and depart before the heroes could arrive. (StH: #241, #242, #243)

Preparations for a New Reset

After his Albion DEL troops where lost to an unknown alternate zone, Eggman demanded a holographic video conference to his forces to berate them for their failures in taking over the planet and finding the elusive blue Chaos Emerald: only for the message to be interrupted by an incoming signal from a scientist in an alternate reality, who was able to do so with the power of the very Chaos Emerald Eggman had been searching for. Eggman quickly discovered that this scientist, Dr. Wily, had much in common with him, and the two arranged to meet in a pocket zone created using the Emerald's power. Combining their resources, the pair created a new mobile battle fortress, the Wily Egg, to serve as their base in the Skull Egg Zone. Back on Mobius, Eggman finally docked at the Northern Tundra Egg Bunker, and some time later was alerted to reports of Team Fighters, the Arctic Freedom Fighters, and Silver the Hedgehog engaging Akhlut's Legion. Rather than try to escape by launching the Death Egg, Eggman deployed Mecha Sally and then departed for the Interdimensional Gateway. Shortly thereafter, he and Wily launched the second Genesis Wave across Mobius. (StH: #244, #247, MM: #24)


The Death Egg Mark 2 is the largest airship ever created by Dr. Eggman, and comes with weaponry and features to match. It is designed to run off the energy of either a Chaos Emerald or other fuels, and is equipped with Power Ring "chain mail" underneath its hull, features it shares with the original Death Egg. While presumably able to run indefinitely with a Chaos Emerald providing it power, the use of other fuels forces it to refuel at intervals. The Power Ring matrix protects the Death Egg from magical assaults, as well as helping to hold the craft together. The Death Egg was also built with two devices meant to globally affect Mobius: the Cosmic Reset Button, which reset all of reality, and the World Roboticizer, a device capable of covering the entire planet in a Roboticization wave. However, the reset button was later rendered useless after Super Sonic used Chaos Control to undo most of its effects, while the Roboticizer was badly damaged by Sally Acorn's sacrifice in inverting the beam so that it would only target her aboard the Death Egg.

In terms of armament, the Death Egg has numerous weapons installed, both for outward and inward defense. These include laser beams and missiles, the most powerful weapon being the Egg Annihilator Beam, which has immense destructive capability. The Death Egg also carries a substantial force of Eggman's robots and weaponry, including Egg Swats, Turtloids, and Egg Mites. It has also carried at least two Titan Metal Sonics and various other robots of the Metal Series, as well as Silver Sonic v3.0. At least one section of the Death Egg can also split off from the main body to become a separate aircraft known as the Egg 'Stache Flyer.

Background Information

  • The Death Egg is a blatant parody of the Death Star from Star Wars.
  • The Death Egg was first featured in the video game Sonic 2 and later reappeared Sonic 3 and again in Sonic & Knuckles and Sonic Battle.
  • Coincidentally, the Sonic video games would later introduce its own "Death Egg MkII" in Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2. This one supersedes the version introduced in Sonic the Fighters
  • Despite the Death Egg was different in design than the original, the original Death Egg appears on the cover of the Mk 2's debut appearance.
  • The Death Egg Mark Two has a striking resemblance with the Death Egg from Fleetway's Sonic the Comic.
  • With Robotropolis & New Megaopolis destroyed (in the Pre-Super Gensis Wave world), the Death Egg/EggDome is technically Eggman's last remaining base.

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