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Deaths Eye

Death's Eye.

Death's Eye was a Black Arms creature that acted as a "seeing eye" for Black Death.


Black Death Eye

Death's Eye being used by Black Death.

Death's Eye is first seen spying on Team Dark and the Spider Troupe as they infiltrate the New Black Comet and relaying the footage to Black Death. (SU: #59)

When Eclipse the Darkling's attempts to brainwash Shadow the Hedgehog fail, Black Death has Death's Eye peer into Shadow's mind and prevent him from blocking out the mind control. (SU: #60)

Death's Eye later relays the battle between the mind-controlled Shadow against Rouge the Bat and E-123 Omega. After Rouge and Omega free Shadow from the mind control, they are alerted to Death's Eye's presence. Death's Eye then flees as Omega begins shooting at it. When Shadow goes to have a final battle with Black Death, Death's Eye desperately attempts to try and convince Shadow to stop. Shadow ignores Black Death's pleas and knocks Death's Eye away. (SU: #61)

After realizing that he won't win in their battle, Black Death has Death's Eye forcibly drag an exhausted Eclipse to an escape pod with the Dark Arms larvae. Death's Eye pilots the escape pod into the safety of outer space. To Eclipse's horror, Death's Eye falls lifeless without a hive-mind, signifying Black Death's death at the hands of Shadow. (SU: #62)


Like most Black Arms soldiers, Death's Eye had no actual personality of its own and was but an extension of Black Death's will.


Seemingly possessed no actual combat skills, Death's Eye provided more of a reconnaissance role for Black Death. It could relay what it saw via video footage that came from Black Death's third eye and allowed Black Death to speak to someone that is not in the same room as him. Black Death could also use it to prevent someone from resisting mind control.

Background Information

  • Death's Eye serves the same purpose as, and looks identical to, Doom's Eye, the seeing eye of Black Doom from the Shadow the Hedgehog game, where it would assist Shadow in missions, essentially representing Black Doom.

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