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Darwin was a male Echidna and a Councilor on the High Council of Echidnaopolis following its return from a pocket Zone. As a result of this return, the former Dingo city of Cavem Canus was destroyed, and the Echidna people turned their attention to constructing housing for the Dingos in Echidnaopolis. However, Helmut Von Stryker came before the council to complain about the lag. Darwin assured him that they were working as quickly as possible, but Helmut remained unconvinced, feeling that Darwin would be just as dissatisfied as he was were their positions reversed. A Madam Councilor also sitting in on the session questioned the Dingos trustworthiness, and despite some anger Stryker asked what he could do to appease the council. Darwin then promised that if the Dingos put up their weapons, it would lead to better relations between the two Mobian Races. (KtE: #7)


Between his initial appearance and its reprint in the Knuckles Archives, Darwin's coloring was changed from red to blue, a common occurrence given the high number of red-furred Echidnas in the early comics. Both incarnations were depicted as a somewhat elderly male Echidna with glasses and a short white beard. Like many Mobians he wore white gloves, but his main attire consisted of a blue tunic with a black shirt visible underneath.

Background Information

  • Darwin's name may be derived from Charles Darwin, the noted British naturalist.
  • Darwin was never seen again following the issue in which he debuted, like a number of early characters in the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog series. Presumably he was either killed during the Eggman Empire-Dingo takeover of Angel Island, perished in the Egg Grapes or prison camps, or may have survived to reach Albion only to be banished from Mobius by Thrash the Devil.

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