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Dark Arm Wisps Cultivated

The Dark Arms being cultivated.

The Dark Arms are a type of Black Arms who were created in an experiment started by Eclipse the Darkling.


Birth of a New Evil

In order to create them, Eclipse redirected the Black Arms to the homeworld of the Wisps, who provided the template for the Dark Arms. This detour delayed the New Black Comet's arrival on Sonic's World, to the annoyance of Black Death, who also objected to leaving the Wisp homeworld virtually untouched. Eclipse justified his actions by claiming that the Dark Arms would provide greater strength to the colony. The Dark Arms were designed to do so by temporarily merging with a Black Arms soldier and granting them heightened abilities. (SU: #59, #69)

Shortly before Black's Death's demise at the hands of Shadow the Hedgehog, Eclipse and the Dark Arms were put on an escape pod to ensure the survival of the Black Arms. Upon crash landing on Angel Island, many of the Dark Arms eggs were damaged, leaving only four surviving. Eclipse named these Dark Arms Blurk, Cyzer, Cregal, and Rhygenta, and kept them fed by feeding them red fruit he had grown. Eclipse noted that the fruit would only help them survive instead of grow stronger, so he decided to steal the Master Emerald as a way of making his children stronger. After Shadow foiled his initial attempt, Eclipse resolved to try again, and this time was joined by the Dark Arms. Their powers allowed him to make short work of Shadow's allies, and threatened Knuckles the Echidna's friends enough that they were forced to give in to his demands. (SU: #67, #68, #69)

Eclipse and the Dark Arms made their way towards a G.U.N. shuttle used by Team Dark to land on the island, but were delayed in the Sandopolis Zone enough that Shadow and Knuckles caught up with them. Despite their best efforts, they were unable to triumph over the two warriors, and the Master Emerald was shattered and its fragments launched all across Mobius. Eclipse and the Dark Arms contented themselves with escape, eventually crashing their shuttle on the planet's surface. (SU: #70)


Background Information

  • In keeping with their origins as Black Arms-Wisp hybrids, each of the introduced Dark Arms is based off of a particular breed of Wisp, and has part of the color of that Wisp included in their name:
    • Cyzer-Cyan
    • Blurk-Blue
    • Cregal-Crimson
    • Rhygenta-Magenta
  • Two of the Dark Arms-Cyzer and Blurk-are based on Wisps introduced in Sonic Colors, while Cregal and Rhygenta are based on Wisps introduced in Sonic: Lost World.

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