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Captain Oe, a D'Novulan befriended by Sonic.

The D'Novulans are a race of aliens capable of spaceflight and intergalactic trading who hail from the planet D'Novuland. They are short, vaguely humanoid beings with flexible tails with barbs capable of administering a paralyzing agent to those stung by them. They implanted a translating device into Sonic the Hedgehog's brain when he encountered them while lost in space due to the incident involving the Xorda's Quantum Dial during the Xorda Attack on Mobius. Sonic also befriended the D'Novulan Captain Oe, who later sacrificed himself so that Sonic could escape their exploding ship. (StH: #127, CSE)

Background Information

  • The name of the race is similar to Denobulan, a fictional humanoid race in the Star Trek universe.

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