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You may be looking for the member of the Babylon Rogues, Storm the Albatross, or the Reploids Storm Eagle or Storm Owl.
Conquering Storm Profile
Conquering Storm
First Appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #200

Biographical information


  • Conquering Storm
  • Stormy (by Eggman)
  • Connie

Egg Boss of the Yurashia Egg Army



Physical description


  • Fur: Brown and black
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Red (after Cyberization)
  • Purple samurai outfit
  • Conical straw hat
  • Black, white and grey boots
  • Black gloves with red cuffs
  • White bandages
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Ninja skills
  • Cybernetic eyes

Conquering Storm is a Mobian Lynx and Egg Boss of the Yurashia Egg Army.


Taking Back Eggmanland

When Eggmanland, Dr. Eggman's refinary/theme park/death trap, was taken over by the Naugus twins, Conquering Storm was called in alongside her fellow Egg Bosses to help the Doctor take it back. Being split into teams, Conquering Storm and Avalon's Egg Boss Mordred Hood were paired together and given the task of taking out the twins. When the duo run across Wendy Naugus' minions, the Witchcarters, riding the ferris wheel, with their guards down, Conquering Storm decides to run straight into battle against the trio, much to the protest of her comrade. (SU: #83, #84)

Facing Sonic

Later, Conquering Storm faced Sonic the Hedgehog, Big the Cat, and Dulcy the Dragon in Chun-Nan, along with Silver Sonic. (StH: #281)




Conquering Storm is a brown lynx with black markings. Her tufted ears end in black and are pushed down by her straw conical hat. Her black bangs are visible beneath her hat and hang over her face, and she wears purple eyeshadow. She wears a purple gi-like outfit stylized after Dr. Eggman's uniform trimmed in white and belted at the waist. She also wears fingerless black gloves with thick red cuffs and black boots with metal reinforcements. Also, her eyes have been modified or replaced with cybernetics, her sclera being black and her irises and pupils being red.

Background Information

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