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Cocoa during the Great War

Cocoa Cat was the mother of Hershey the Cat and a veteran of the Great War. During one of the many Overlander shellings of Mobotropolis, Cocoa and Bernadette Hedgehog lead a group of troops through a group of underground tunnels that led to an opening behind enemy lines. Cocoa was last seen unsuccessfully trying to prevent the Overlander leader Colin Kintobor from escaping down the same tunnels. (StH: #76)

Background Information

  • Cocoa was confirmed to be Hershey's mother in the letter's page of StH #82. Her name comes from the cocoa bean, which is made into chocolate; this runs along the same theme as her daughter's name, which is taken from the Hershey candy company.
  • Cocoa has not been seen since StH #76, but was not present on Ian Flynn's unofficial "death list". (1) However, he later stated on his Q&A thread that he was "counting her as a casualty of the Great War." (2)

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