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Civil Protection Robot
Civil Protection Robot
First Appearance

Sonic Universe #78

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Physical description


  • Energy whip
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Onyx City Council

The Civil Protection Robots are a robot police force who serve the Onyx City Council in Silver's Future.


The Civil Protection Robots were the feared enforcers of the work system imposed by the council on the inhabitants of Onyx City. They were supposedly meant to "help" the citizens if they had trouble with their work assignments, but this amounted to arresting anyone who failed to report for work. Even Silver the Hedgehog feared to challenge them directly, resorting to psychic trickery on one occasion to cause one to slip so that one such citizen could make a run for it. (SU: #78)


The Civil Protection Robots are equipped with an blaster that can project a electrical yellow whip which they use to restrain enemies. These whips are strong enough to shock Silver despite protecting himself with a psychokinetic shield and knock him out with one blow to the neck.

Background Information

  • The Civil Protection Robots resemble a combination of elements from both the SWATbots and the Egg Runner series from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).

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