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The C.L.I.P. Division is a branch of G.U.N. tasked with interrogation, particularly of G.U.N. personnel. It's membership includes agent Madonna Garnet, and the division answers directly to Commander Abraham Tower.


Agent Garnet was tasked with interviewing Dr. Julian Snively regarding his history with both G.U.N. and Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik following an incident during a G.U.N. operation on Angel Island. (SSD: #12)

Background Information

  • The division's official acronym, C.L.I.P., is may be a reference to clip show, a common plot device used to recap events that have taken place previously in a series, appropriate given C.L.I.P.'s introduction in Snively's recap in the Post-Super Genesis Wave Timeline. It is more so likely, however, that C.L.I.P. is a reference to a real life clip for a gun, making "G.U.N. C.L.I.P." a reference to a "gun clip".
  • It's currently unknown what the acronym C.L.I.P. stands for.

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