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Sonic Universe #55

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Captain Metal's crew

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Buckle, is a robot pirate that resides in the Sol Zone. He is a member of Captain Metal's pirate crew.


A Pirate's Life

Buckle and his comrade Swash were originally members of Boltbeard's crew on Pirate Island, until their master was defeated in battle by Captain Metal. Choosing to serve the dangerous robot rather than suffer the same fate, the pair-along with the other crew members-served aboard the Metal Marauder. Under Metal's leadership they defeated a number of rival crews, before rescuing Bark the Polar Bear and Bean the Dynamite and recovering one of the Sol Emeralds. This latter find led them to a clash with the Ocean Tornado under Blaze the Cat, who boarded the Marauder and confronted Metal. However, the Marauder's weapons succeeded in sinking the Ocean Tornado-seemingly taking its crew with it-and Buckle knocked Blaze unconscious after the princess was distracted by her anger towards Metal. The ship and crew returned home with Blaze as a captive, and Buckle and Swash related the story of Captain Metal's first appearance aboard a ship known to have belonged to Doc Ratcheturn. Buckle then stood at Metal's side as they prepared to feed Blaze to the Kraken, only for the very much alive Team Rose to come to her aid and for Bark and Bean to steal the Emerald. (SU: #55, #56)

The Emerald was subsequently stolen by Johnny of Captain Whisker's crew, and both heroes and thieves managed to escape. Metal prepared to leave in his submarine with Swash and Buckle, but not before ordering Buckle to "Release the Kraken!" The mechanical beast subsequently threatened Whisker's ship and the Team Rose-commandeered Metal Marauder, and it's destruction put the Sol Emerald back in Metal's clutches. After recapturing Blaze, Metal left Swash and Buckle aboard the submarine, only for the pair to be attacked by Bean. Rather than face the pyrotehnically talented duck, the pair abandoned ship and prepared to return to Pirate Island on foot-underwater.(SU: #57, #58)


Buckle appears to be a fairly brutish robot, though he possesses some cunning as demonstrated by his sneak attack on Blaze. Like Swash, he seems more interested in preserving his own existence than in any loyalty to his captain.


As a robot, Buckle is presumably stronger than most Mobians, possessing enough power to knock out Blaze with a single blow.

Background Information

  • Buckle and Swash teaming seems similar to Eggman's lackeys Orbot and Cubot.
  • Buckle and Swash's name is an obvious play on swashbuckler or swashbuckling, referring to sword fighting aboard ships. His name is also emphasized by the giant band of metal encircling his torso-which resembles a belt-and the large square of metal on the front of his chest.


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