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Bride of Constant Vigil
First Appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #207

Biographical information

Espio the Chameleon (Son)

  • Bride of Constant Vigil
  • Constant Vigil
  • Bride of Constant Vigil


Physical description


  • Skin: light purple
  • Eyes: yellow
  • green kunoichi outfit
  • red sash
  • jewelry
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Leadership skills
  • Ninja skills
  • Camouflage

The Bride of Constant Vigil was the Bride of the Shinobi Clan. She was forced to submit to the will of Regina Ferrum and ally her Clan with the Iron Dominion, but she immediately broke ties when it was safe to do so. It was under her orders that her son Espio the Chameleon came to live on Angel Island.


Gathering Information

As leader of the Shinobi Clan, Constant Vigil was heir to her people's traditions of secret observation. As such, she dispatched Valdez and later Espio to Angel Island to join other Chameleons-including Shinobi Clan soldier Liza-as they observed the members of the Brotherhood of Guardians. (SU: #16)

Under the Iron Dominion


The Bride of Constant Vigil reluctantly allying her clan with the Iron Dominion.

Following the murder of the Bride of Rich Nights, Constant Vigil and the other clan leaders were deceived into believing the rival clans had joined forces with the Iron Dominion as Regina Ferrum spread rumors and used the Yagyu Clan (now under her control) to randomly aid the various clans in certain battles as proof. Fearing her clan would be overrun, she, the Bride of Conquering Storm and the Bride of the Endless Reach swore allegiance to the Iron Dominion. (StH: #201, #207)

Breaking Away

Seeing her as evil, Constant Vigil did as little as possible to actively aid the Iron Queen; instead, she had her clan observe the efforts of those who fought against the Dominion, waiting for a choice opportunity. When Sonic the Hedgehog, Monkey Khan, Sally Acorn and Tails succeeded in convincing the other clans to stop supporting the Dominion, Constant Vigil felt it was safe for her smaller clan to do so as well. She sent Espio out to escort the group to meet her, and once they did she announced upon her word of honor that the Shinobi would break its ties with the Iron Dominion, effectively ending Regina's rule as "Bride of the Four Houses." Sonic appreciated her directness, but Monkey Khan didn't understand why, if the Shinobi opposed serving the Iron Dominion from the start, they didn't fight back from the beginning. Constant Vigil explained that in the past, her clan had made more direct efforts to fight for good, but because of their small numbers, they were nearly eliminated, and thus instead adopted a more passive policy of observation and acting in secret.

She pointed out that the Dragon Kingdom Freedom Fighters had been destroyed for acting openly against the Dominion. However, she admitted that, as shown by Espio, sometimes action must be taken; while she seemed to disapprove of Espio "breaking taboo" in the past, she conceded that it had been the right thing to do and ordered Espio to return to his station on Angel Island and act however he saw fit. However, for the time being she also ordered him to retrieve the Fan of Fen Xing and bring it to New Mobotropolis in order to help the resistance. After Espio left, Constant Vigil told Monkey Khan that he still had much work to do, addressing him as King of the Free People. Acknowledging this, the group thanked the Bride, who told them that her clan would ensure their safe departure from the Dragon Kingdom. Sonic asked if the clan could spare agents to do so, pointing out that Constant Vigil met them with no guards present. Raising an eyebrow, the Bride asked if they truly believed she would have agreed to meet with such a powerful group with no protection; it was then revealed that several chameleon ninja had been camouflaged within the chamber the entire time. (SU: #16)


Constant Vigil is a straightforward, calm and pragmatic individual. She believes in structure and disapproves of anyone overstepping their boundaries, though she is able to admit when she's wrong. She seems to have a hidden soft spot for others (especially for Espio).


Constant Vigil is a light purple chameleon with yellow eyes. Her head shape is somewhat unusual; her crest is somewhat long and tall at the back but almost nonexistent at the sides. She wears gold beads and jewelry on her head, some adorning her four horns. She wears a green outfit (purple in her first appearance) with yellow trim, a red sash at the waist, studded bands at the wrists and ankles, and sandals.

Background Information

  • It was strongly implied in her appearance in SU#16 that Constant Vigil is the mother of Espio. In a Ask Ian, Ian Flynn himself stated that she was Espio's mother, and this would be officially confirmed in the Encyclopedia.
  • Like her fellow Mobian Brides, Constant Vigil was not known by any name apart from her title.

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